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Kanakapila – Sunda Manoa
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Hawaiian air war – and you win
Win a Home in the Maui Lottery
Will dormant volcano erupt on the Big Island?
What are these people in line for?
Oahu market update
Big Island Market Update
Maui Market Update
How have the interest rates affected Hawaii’s market?
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Show Transcript

well well Aloha kakahiaka everyone welcome back we’ve been away for a bunch
of weeks it is October 28th and you are part of the Aloha Friday Hawaii real estate show I’m really excited for today
we got some new faces that we want to share we’re going to we’re doing our our warm-up our five minute warm-up over
here to get uh to get our our Facebook Ohana to come back uh Joan is with us awesome Joan welcome back Joan good to
see you welcome back to you good to see you and I’m I’m here with Heidi who is
hailing from Maui Heidi Dellinger is from Maui we have Dylan nonaka who is from the big on and we have a new uh a
new face actually is it Ashley how do you pronounce that last name Ashley Watson if you can remember like wasan
was off what’s up or what’s up what’s up I like that more Ashley wassan who is
from Oahu uh Scott is no longer part of the owner Ohana but uh we wish him well but Ashley is a new face that we’re
going to be trying out and seeing how she likes us uh and of course we’ll like her I’m sure but we’re all kind of
trying that out and Paul’s back hey Paul welcome back buddy from Ventura County uh Paul’s back with us good to see you
back on the show so uh so we’ll be doing these uh five minutes here we kind of warm up just kind of get the mics
working making sure our audio is right the lighting is correct the makeup is on all that kind of good stuff so Heidi why
don’t we start with you you were the first one to kind of join the backstage Studio over here what’s give us the give
us the coffee what’s the coffee what’s the happening what’s going on Heidi well I had a wonderful morning already I
mean first thing to do is wake up and go outside in Maui and just it’s a gorgeous
day and of course I had my coffee um today I had the Maui mocha coffee
it’s it has some chocolatey notes and it’s grown here right on Maui by Maui
growing coffee and yeah as you know if you’ve been watching I I love my morning
coffee so great way to start the day and I’m excited to be here you know it’s
that is that I think that somebody told me about it it’s like that that very first sip of the coffee is like heaven
right it’s like heaven on Earth that first sip is like the best so uh uh some chocolate notes that’s kind of
interesting hey Michelle’s back hey Michelle Michelle cook back from Makaha Valley welcome back Michelle good to see
you again and Judy Everett Weber Judy is a Islander Ohana alumni welcome back
Judy uh Aloha from uh she says Aloha from and Ted Weber awesome Dylan has
helped them find their awesome home on the big island uh and Aloha I know Riley is back awesome Allah from Mauna Lua
welcome back great to see you uh Aloha Aina Riley I’m really really happy that
you’re here especially especially that that you’re here uh Dylan what’s uh give us the give us what’s what’s warming up
man what’s the shirt what’s the thing what’s the posters what’s happening buddy oh we got the the living hula back
to the living hula shirt like always again shout out to them if you want to support a local business look them up on
Instagram they got an amazing Instagram page uh just a beautiful day in Kona
today it was rainy very uncharacteristically it rained like all day yesterday even in town people freak
out in Kona when it does that nobody knows how to drive and you know nobody’s know how to know how to go outside nobody has an umbrella here so it was a
traumatic day yesterday of all day rain but that should be it’s good good for the good for the trees and the grass so
I gotta be thankful for that that’s funny man is that you don’t like that it’s like rains are like uh like snows
on the mainland right Heidi uh Heidi and I are both from Illinois uh born in Illinois and the first snow no one knows everyone
has to learn how to drive all over again so in Kona I guess it’s the you don’t get snow in Kona you get rain in Kona so
everyone’s kind of learning how to all over again hey we have a few more shout outs over here Tom is back Tom is from
the UK awesome Tom is back Aloha everyone’s been a while sorry hope you all are well we were wondering where you
were buddy so good to see you again and I now work on Fridays so I can only attend a select few life time we’re glad
that you’re here and Thomas said hey have to have to say Scott looks very different yeah yeah totally different
totally different yeah in fact change his name and everything actually give us the update what’s going on on Oahu
what’s happening this morning for you it’s finally sunny here it was raining
for a couple weeks our grass became a jungle and just like two hours
um just kidding same thing coffee I love my morning coffee and it is the first step oh my gosh it just warms the soul
and I think that because the milk that oatmeal like it’s heavy so it’s not even like it wakes you up it’s just for the
soul that’s it uh I love that the sun’s out because I have not been able to
bring my daughter to the pumpkin patch in Waimanalo since we got back from a
conference and so today I think we’ll finally be able to do it and it won’t be a total mud pit so why Manalo has
beautiful sunflower fields and pumpkin patch will go there this afternoon
excellent suggestion uh the the pumpkin the Waimanalo pumpkin patch with your
daughter that sounds like a blast uh oh to have young daughters were who want to go pumpkin patch again mine are mine are
26 and 22 they’re not doing the they’re not doing the pumpkin patch thing they’ll probably take me out to the pumpkin patch so you can take the photos
of them so selfies yeah exactly you know really
quick so okay because now we have two coffee aficionals we have Heidi and we have Ashley’s coffee fishing house you know one thing I do for special
occasions like on a Saturday or a Sunday if you guys haven’t tried this you could give it a shot and tell me what you think about it you blend butter take uh
unsalted butter and take a big stick of unsalted butter and blend it I use a um uh immersion blender to a fully uh fully
blend it and uh try that try that unsalted butter in coffee
butter the with that coconut oil or you just use it no uh unsal you know
unsalted unsalted butter on uh Irish uh I want to say Irish Spring yes
thank you kerrygold the the silver one not the gold one because the gold one’s salted the silver one the Kara gold
butter take a slight like two tablespoons take a two tablespoon slice mix it up throw it in the coffee blend
it with them with an immersion blender to get fully to get fully emulsified Try It Out Try It Out coffee fans try to
hey all right it’s not it’s past nine o’clock we have to get going here we have we have uh we have a show we have a show to do uh so why don’t we do this
everybody let’s all uh first of all we have a couple people I want to kind of give a shout out to who are who are commenting uh Tom
um Norman Norman Falconer Norm is a Islander Ohana alumni and he’s hanging
out on the big island he’s been posting some cool photos currently looking at homes currently looking at looking at homes with our team so hoping to get him
under contract soon awesome man that’s that’s good well Norm as you know Norm you are in the best hands you can be on
the big island because that team team nonaka is freaking amazing amazing so uh
you are you are a good choice there Norm all right so look gang let’s get the uh let’s do what we what we kind of have
been starting I’ve been having a lot of fun with this so we’re gonna do our kanakapila uh which is our a Hawaiian
music that’s going to play at your home so everybody get your get your Alexa’s ready get your Alexis and get your
series ready and get your Googles ready because uh because here we go I think you guys are gonna like this one of my favorite albums of all time Sunday Manoa
so here we go you ready okay Alexa play music from Sunday Manoa
all right and now uh Hey Siri play music from Sunday Manoa and then
finally okay Google play music from Sunday Manoa
so that should get all that should get your your music all going guys you guys are gonna really if you get a Sunday
Manoa soundtrack that is that is about as good as it gets uh you know Dylan and
Heidi and Ashley I want you guys in the next shows to email me some of your favorite uh your favorite Hawaiian music
so we can kind of share uh what’s best and hopefully we got folks are playing hey if it’s playing let me know what
song is playing on your on your Alexa or your Siri or your Google I I’d like to know mine pulled awesome stuff from uh
Pandora it was great uh all right oh uh Tony is uh Tony this is uh Norm’s
wife we are definitely in good hands with Justice we love her already so there you go man who anyone who’s named
justice you you just gotta love how could you not love a name like justice right how could you not how could you
not love that right thanks Dylan absolutely all right let’s do so let’s let’s do a quick News Review uh so let
me kind of like there’s a couple things kind of going on that I think you folks want to know about welcome back everybody good to all see you again so
uh for today uh there’s a Hawaiian Air Warfare man if you’re if you’re in the
Hawaiian Islands right now you can kind of go back and forth I think for like thirty dollars you could buy a ticket to
the neighbor islands for like 30 bucks uh and so if you can if you can do that uh you are winning there was a story
that uh Hawaiian Air actually they lost nine million dollars uh the last quarter
because there’s a fair War so what’s going on is that Southwest and Hawaiian are battling it out and who wins we win
hopefully Hawaiian Will Survive the battle uh visitors down revenues up we’ve talked about this a bunch of times
that Hawaii it looks like Hawaii is kind of finding its price range because what’s going on is that the visitor accounts are way down uh however uh
they’re down 10 uh but the uh hotels are generating 24 more so this is an
interesting Trend we had talked about this earlier there’s an interesting Trend going on right where uh the local uh the local economy are realizing that
people are willing to pay a lot more for that classic Hawaii vacation and it
seems to be bearing up now how long that that’s going to work we might get into trouble on first thing constant quick unforeseen consequences God only knows
but there was a quote over here from the Hawaii tourism Authority said you know wherefore in the United States Hawaii is
the place to come and with covet people waited two years they have a lot of saved up travel money and people are
putting their money in Hawaii which is great uh Red Hill uh we’ve been tracking the Red Hill story here on Oahu the
defueling has begun they’re going to be moving like literally millions of gallons of kerosene uh jet fuel out of
these buried uh tanks that are buried inside Hills unfortunately sitting over in aquifer bad idea right but they’re
moving it over to the the to uh to Navy fuel tanks on the base so that’s a good thing uh Maui the Maui home lottery I
got to talk to Heidi about this uh apparently you could there’s like a lottery going on it’s almost as good as the lottery not quite a billion dollar
lottery but uh looks like if you there’s a lottery going on for affordable housing uh get this prices are estimated
to be as low as 157 000 for a one bedroom and 191 000 for a
two bedroom unit that’s the lottery you win that you’re you’re winning the lottery so Heidi I
want to hear what you’ve got to say about that and then uh Big Island Mauna Loa eruption imminent what’s going on
you know the Mauna Loa hasn’t erupted since 1984 which was by the way coincidentally I moved to Hawaii in 1984
and I believe that Mauna Lola was celebrating my arrival as what I believe that’s my story I’m sticking with it but
Dylan I want to know what you uh what’s going on are people freaking out Mauna Loa hasn’t erupted for a long time lava
could spill into Hilo actually historically probably won’t but uh it might finally look at the weather there
as usual gang as you heard from the comments over here weather look at those temperatures again Hawaii one degree
difference 82 83 all the way across 74 all the way across a perfect Hawaii weather all right so uh so look so a
quick uh I got a quick thing I want to kind of share with you first a quick so I got a quick question for you all to kind of a little trivia question I saw
this photo on uh on social media and uh I’m gonna give you a couple of hints
here here’s the question what are people in line four put your comments uh pop
the comments put your guess you see that line kind of goes as long as the eye can see this is at Ala Moana Shopping Center
there is a a fast food place opened up a fast food place open so that’s the hint
uh fast food place opened up and people are online it’s a classical white people like when new stuff comes
to Hawaii people will line up they were in line for hours what are they in line for take a guess take a wild guess pop
it on the comments uh and uh and let me know all right so uh let’s do some uh uh
why don’t we do this let’s do some quick uh Market Updates this is your chance I’d like to hear from uh uh let’s go uh
down up let’s let’s start with Ashley and then we’ll go to Dylan and then Heidi uh give us a market update what do
you want to share about Oahu this is the time actually where we talk about kind of what’s been going on with the market that’s notable or any other news that
you want to share about from Oahu go ahead Ashley I think we’re seeing what I would
imagine everyone seeing nationally the days on Market is going up they’re still lower than what it was
pre-covered but it’s gone up uh prices were at least statistics coming out we’re not
seeing a huge decrease I mean within five percent we’re you know projecting most neighborhoods might decrease it’s
steady around five percent maybe up to ten percent um I think this is going to be extremely
important to focus on the sub neighborhoods right because Kailua always had larger days on Market but
they were sort of a precedence for the stability on pricing for the rest of the island
um so you have Ewa Beach and Kapolei that have really short days on market then you have the leeward side which has
about 3.3 months of inventory right now versus Kailua which has about 2.2 months
of inventory and Eva and Kapolei that has about two months inventory pre-covid that was about four months
inventory right at 2019 so I think we’re just kind of getting to a normal Market
where buyers have the ability to negotiate again we are seeing you know
buyers being able to get 10 15 000 to buy down interest rates
um for their points and closing costs we’re seeing they’re taking their time they’re coming back they’re visiting the
houses two or three times before trigger pulling just slow informed decision making but they’re still moving like we
had one that sat on market for 30 days and we got an above asking price offer
we had another that didn’t get offers until day 30 then we got two on the same day it fell out a contract buyers are
being a little pickier we went back under contract 30 days later and had two offers again
um on the same day so on day 60. so it’s it’s definitely more volatile but I
think as people are just getting acclimated to the new interest rates the new market you know they’re still moving
forward so in other words things are moving back to normal the way they were pre-ecovered that’s like the big that’s been the big
headline sort of a week after week of of the show here uh you’re getting kind of the normal kind of competition is is
returning and speaking of people who are returning uh Uncle Jim is back Aloha everyone sorry I’m late Jim no I have to
be sorry man this is Hawaiian Time you know you’re you’re here we’re wondering about you I was about to send out a search party uh to to to get you but uh
but we’re glad that that you’re back and the guesses are are coming in is is it Chick-fil-A is it in and out burger uh
is it is it the cult uh with that Chick-fil-A cult yeah there
you go uh all right okay who’s who’s next up Dylan uh give us the give us the Big
Island update and you know give me a monologue of a a temperature check or whatever if you got anything you want to share about that as well as anything
else done go ahead yeah there’s a lot of activity volcanic activity not coming out of the ground
yet but there’s like hundreds of earthquakes a day little minor earthquakes every day but that’s pretty
common for the island you know we’ve had Kilauea erupting for for decades um so
modeloy is overdue um you know usually every like 20 or 30 years there’s been an eruption it’s been like 40 so so
we’re overdue for an eruption but it’s really not something we worry about I mean the mountain is huge first of all
monologue is enormous and if there’s an eruption you got to think about the distance it would take so the last time
it erupted it was flowing towards Hilo but it never made it there because literally you know I mean millions and
millions and millions of cubic meters of of lava could come out of the ground and it has such a huge distance to cover
that it a lot of times won’t even make it down to the ocean it’s not like killer whale which is right real close to the ocean so that’s why we have an
ocean entry there so there’s a lot of factors it’s not something we have any control over so it’s not something we should ever worry about
um but there’s definitely a lot of activity so so in other words don’t worry too much about it I mean it’s it’s overdue it’s
probably going to come but hopefully if if the history has been an indicator is
not like imminent well there won’t be imminent danger use it because Hawaiian volcanoes are pretty mild like it’s slow moving lava you can kind of walk out of
the way what is there anything else unusual you you have you want to share about the big on anything on on the market Dylan or anything of that nature
Beyond what’s kind of the normal stuff that Ashley already talked about yes so Market wise I mean yeah same same as
what Ashley’s talking about she brings up a really good point about things sitting on the market and then getting multiple offers still right so
so the takeaway from that is don’t delay right I mean because something could be on the market 60 days and you think well
I’m gonna win they wait another week or two that week or two could be when that next person is going to make an offer to it now you’re back into a competitive
situation and we’re seeing that a lot and that was kind of in a normal Market too it seems like when the vibe and
there’s excitement somehow that attracts more energy in the universe and then you can still draw multiple offers 30 60
days into a listing beat on the market so definitely you know if you’re ready to act there’s no reason there’s no
reason to delay but we’re definitely seeing you know I keep I’ve been looking back at the sales the number of sales
pre-covered and then comparing that because we were up crazy you know above 500 sales 700 sales a month here during
the the prime kind of 21 early 22 months of the year and going back to pre-covet
it used to be between 300 and um 450 sales a month so we’re not we’re still
way above that I mean month over month we’re still selling in like last month there was 428 sales and if you go back
two years to or three years to 19 there was only 353 so we’re almost 100 sales more per month than we were pre-covered
but compared to if you go back six months there was 715 sales six
months so it seems like 423 is low compared to 700 you know a few months
ago but it’s still 100 more than we were three years ago so when you put it all into context the market is slowing but
it’s still a very hot market and we’re still very low inventory you know 60 of normal inventory levels so it’s still
it’s still technically a seller’s market even though buyers are being a lot more picky if you look at the data it’s still technically a seller’s market
interesting yeah it’s it’s uh um so again the the the thing that we’ve been hearing kind of almost show after show
here is that the craziness of kovitz coming to an end and the Market’s becoming more like a normal kind of a
market where prices have to be competitive they’re still there’s still there’s some background one more thing the truth you just put the trigger
pulling the trigger pulling comment that actually made trigger pulls go ahead we just put a listing on the market um
like Thursday last week ready did open houses over the weekend got nine offers I mean if you price the property right
and that’s the seller the seller takeaway is just trust your trust fire hire an expert trust your realtor price
it properly and you can still I mean they end up getting almost 100 000 over their list price nine offers right because it was price property if we’d
have priced it above where it should have been they may not have gotten any offers that they may have just got you know they actually have left some money
on the table right if we didn’t price the 50 000 over we might have got that 50 000 uh that full price offer but we
wouldn’t have got the 40 additional thousand because it was priced properly we created competition so the buyer date
is still there in other words be smart how your price or work with someone who’s been around the block know what
you’re doing and do the uh do do the right thing in that sense uh uh uh Paul has uh Paul’s happy because he likes
laid-back volcanoes yeah well you know Dylan if I’m not mistaken uh uh back
when uh one of the uh uh one of the uh Kilauea eruptions long time ago uh that
wiped out uh Kalapana which was a small town on that site if I’m not mistaken
the lava Advance was so slow that some people had the time to literally pick up
their houses and move them right if I’m not mistaken is that right oh yeah they they Jack tells us up put them on
flatbed trailers and then yeah it took months I mean literally so same thing is happening now people are like oh my
goodness I gotta pack a gold bag this case the volcano erupts it’s like really you know you could you could you could
pack up your whole house and leave you’ll have weeks if not months before again the law was gonna travel like 70
miles right from like the top of the volcano to where civilization is so it’s not going to come rushing down like like
water off of the mountain it’s gonna be a very slow process exactly and it’s not like a Mount St Helens kind of a volcano
which is explosive it’s a it’s a slow it’s a slow movement it’s like molasses it’s like Uzi molasses
I think that’s that’s 13 000 feet high so exactly exactly hey uh Ashley you got
your first fan here auntie Joyce who is a is a basically full-on anti of the show she came in through Dylan’s Ohana
and auntie Joyce is always here with us thank you Auntie Joyce for being so kind and welcoming to the Ashley who’s
hanging out with us over here uh trying trying us out that’s what that’s what’s going on over there Ashley is trying to
Scott everybody had this we had to say aloha to Scott uh we wish him well uh and we’re we’re gonna we’re looking for
we’re going for someone new to kind of fill in the uh fill in the the spot over here uh Heidi what is what is happening
give us the Maui uh first of all Jason’s let me pull it up over here Jason is a also a alumni of The Islander Ohana
Jason’s uh beside the fact that he guessed correctly Jason had a question over here and I wanted to pop it on uh
he asked about the uh cheese I should yeah oh here it is uh so Jason says don’t you have to be living in Maui
currently to enter the lottery probably but I’m gonna let Heidi Heidi talk about what’s going on with the lottery what’s going on with Maui what do you want to
share yeah absolutely so the new Pula Hua
development it’s pretty exciting it’s been in the works about 20 years and it
seems like it’s moving forward now affordable housing is a big issue on
Maui and the first units that they’re gonna release
um I believe the first hundred are going to be affordable units and yes you do
have to be a Maui resident and the lottery process is going to
um prioritize the applications based on the length that somebody has lived on Maui to I mean really give priority to
local families which is what this is for I mean it’s subsidized by the county um I mean we have expensive real estate
here but we also need affordable units um however this entire development
that’s going to be developed over the coming years is eventually going to have 800 units there’s going to be lots for
sale there’s going to be single-family homes condos and a lot of these are
going to be market rate opportunities um and it’s a beautiful area I mean it’s
pretty much in my backyard I walk up to the Kapalua Airport I mean there’s beautiful views from up there
um so you know pretty exciting it’s moving forward and also happy to see
that we’re getting some much needed affordable housing and absolutely it is
like winning the lottery I mean at those price so
um the people that would qualify would be Maui residents and then the income guidelines they’ve given would be
households making about 60 000 to about a hundred and twenty one thousand um to qualify for these Studio One and
Two Bedroom listings and then the actual price they pay is going to be based on
their income um and they’re also putting some rules in place so these units can’t be flipped
they have to stay affordable for the next 30 Years um I mean really just to give some
stability to the community and also because it is like winning the lottery I mean preventing people from
selling them for 10 times the price in the two years or something like that
that is the lottery man boy you are not that that is uh that is you are not kidding a lot of things Heidi is there
anything you want to share about the market or anything else about Maui yeah I mean the Market’s going along the
last um listings that I’ve been involved in I mean we’ve had multiple offers still
over half of properties are selling at or over asking price and the
year-to-date statistics 2022 I mean show that single-family homes are up 15
compared to last year condos are up 19 I mean that’s just an overall look year to
date this year versus last year um number of sales happening is down about
20 percent um volumes down about 20 percent um it’s not as intense as the market as
last year um and it’s just really interesting because you are seeing buyers coming in
and making low offers but then some of those buyers are
getting that another buyer comes in and makes the higher offer you know and then they’re just surprised because they’re
thinking you know I can come in and make a little offer and get this so it’s interesting I mean the markets
maybe going back towards oh I guess what we consider a more balanced Market
um Maui always has an inventory problem I mean there is not enough properties here for all the people that want to buy
them so um I I see that continuing for a while I mean
it’s the market is still quicker days on Market are still much less than what we
saw again 2019 2018 um and prior to covet so
this has been really interesting to me in that of by the way so so Jason says Hey thank you makes sense prices are
amazing and from what I’ve seen the houses are too yeah it’s gonna it is a it is a lottery win you know what’s interesting to me is that uh we we still
it I don’t think uh that we’ve seen quite the hit to Hawaii’s real estate
market as what seems to be happening or at least by the headlines what’s going on with the mainland with uh the Rays
the rise in in interest rates right because this interest rate rates has been huge uh has a huge impact but I
haven’t seen the big negative effect Dylan you want to comment on that I don’t have have you seen are you are you
catching anything any kind of an effect or any of you let’s start with Dylan are you catching anything on that Dylan
well the interest rates are definitely a deterrent to virus right now that’s that’s definitely suppressed buyer demand and is the major driver behind it
but we’re just shifting and being smarter about it and again this is why you gotta you implement some good
strategy is as a seller right now what we’re doing is instead of you know conceding on sales price necessarily is
give give a credit back to the buyer to buy all their interest rates so you can buy it on the interest rate by a point or more sometimes depending on your loan
program it’s all you know you got to talk to your lender about this and what the costs are going to be but you can incentivize a buyer and you know satisfy
that objection about the interest rate by creating a seller incentive and same thing with Buyers we’re telling buyers
like hey if you want to overall uh you know pay a lower monthly payment you know instead of let’s just offer on full
price and then ask them for a 10 or 15 000 credit to buy it on the interest rate and that way the net you know the net to the seller would be the same even
if you offer less on the the asking price but the net benefit to the buyer is huge I mean it could be 3 of 700 a
month based on the purchase price right so if you look in you could be making back seven thousand dollars a year potentially and over 10 years of talking
seventy thousand bucks you know instead of cost savings because you buy an interest rate down is it can be
significant well so hey what what as my you know there’s there’s something about my brain and I can only hear so many
numbers rattled off in my head and then my then my eyes kind of go back in their socket so what I’m catching at my my my
headline out of this is you know there’s ways not always around it but there’s ways to be smart about it and you want
to again work with someone like a Dylan or an Ashley or a Heidi and kind of get get your stuff together all right look
let’s get back on to some uh some some fun stuff over here because I’ve had it’s got something to add there yeah I
just wanted to say real quick to what you had said Peter and Dylan’s a thousand percent right but to the point
of what’s going on with the mainland versus Hawaii I think it’s because our land is just such a commodity and we’re
an international Hub and we have seven military bases within 50 miles of of each other and there’s no other place
like that in the nation so I think between our International buyer pool and
being you know the meeting place of the Pacific and then having all those military bases we just have a lot more stable economy in addition to tourism
than say a lot of other markets on the mainland so historically speaking
when we see you know Market Corrections or if we see ups and downs Hawaii has always been kind of stable even in 08
we’ve really only saw five to eight percent decreases in a lot of neighborhoods at least here on Oahu so I
just wanted to touch on that real quick no that’s a great Point actually and and uh you’re very right about that my my
joke about that is that you know Hawaii doesn’t participate so much in the party in the party of like you know real
estate prices like skyrocking out of nowhere it’s pretty much stable uh but then again we don’t we’re not because we
don’t participate with the party we don’t also get the hangover which is the crash afterwards right uh like a no way
right we didn’t get the party didn’t get the crack didn’t get the hangover either so it kind of goes both ways but yeah that’s a great Point uh Hawaii’s
marketism well you know kovid really showed us all how amazingly stable Hawaii’s Market is all right look I’m dying to kind of share what the story
was over here about what are people in line for right okay so you all had some good guesses this is Classic this is
classic local culture folks it’s classic local culture the the winner is Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A was it now now I
gotta say you know uh Michelle you Michelle you kind of cheated because you live on Oahu you would know the answer
to that so that’s that’s kind of that’s kind of cheating but we’ll we’ll let you slide uh can I you were right is
Chick-fil-A Bob Carl you were correct Chick-fil-A who all said Chick-fil-A uh Jason at guess Chick-fil-A Norm guess
Chick-fil-A yeah Chick-fil-A it’s classic local culture man it’s it’s
classic people will wait people will wait in line for hours when a new place comes in you know it’s like or or the
better one is uh like my favorite example is on Maui uh Maui is the only place that has uh uh what that was the
name of the dunk it’s not Dunkin Donuts uh it’s uh Krispy Kremes
some people take flights to Maui just to pick up Krispy Kremes to bring them back
into the office on Oahu if you if you go to like if you’re if you’re if you happen to be like a uh if you live on
Oahu or the Bingham and you go to Maui you do not dare come back home you do
not dare come back home without dropping by Krispy Kremes you know it’s so funny and me I don’t know I’m gonna rattle on
this for a moment the uh we’re on this flight one time so I went to Maui uh on
a business trip and we’re coming back and of course we drop by we go through the drive through a Chick-fil-A because it’s right by the airport we pick up not
Chick-fil-A we drop by the Krispy Kreme Drive-In drive-through Krispy Kreme pick up a box get on there uh get on the
airplane we’re on the airplane a bunch of locals all going back guess what everybody has in the overhead everybody
in the overhead has gotten boxes of Krispy Kremes the whole freaking overhead uh compartment of the aircraft
is filled with boxes of Krispy Kremes so it’s it’s a good one anyway I want to comment on that one
throw it in in the culture but uh uh interesting yeah oh hey okay so it’s not
just me thank you Peter I’m the same with numbers you know I just can’t my it’s add I don’t know what it is Tony I
it’s it’s add it’s 88 I don’t know what it is but you know and I’m a programmer you know so you know I’m about them but
hearing it I can’t I can only hear I can only hear so much I’m not in real estate not me that Dylan and uh uh Ashley and
Dylan and Heidi earn real estate not me so anyway all right uh let’s let’s move
on I want to make a there I got a big announcement I’ve got to make here so gang uh look you heard me mention about uh uh
our our Islander Ohana alumni who are with us like norm and Jean Sims and Judy
uh and uh uh and Joan uh they’re all alumni of The Islander Ohana we are
opening up uh if uh basically this is all about The Islander Ohana is all about a program the formal program the
only one I I know of that is here designed to help you live the dream in Hawaii uh to help you avoid disaster
because a lot of people make moves and they shouldn’t be here because Hawaii’s not for everybody uh we’ve got incredible classes I’ve got a whole list
I’ll show you we’ve got a whole list of courses that are part of The Islander Hana including the most important thing
that I could think of which is how to correctly pronounce Hawaiian words you got to do that but Islander Ohana is
really truly anohana making new friends there’s a group of us in fact we meet every so often that the ladies had a
birthday celebration just about a week ago we’re getting together for a barbecue at dance house this this
weekend uh and help you connect in so the it is opening the first cohort the
next cohort is going to start in January of 2023 I’m going to post a uh I’m gonna
post a link in the chat uh I have not made this announcement yet you are the first ones to kind of get about it well
I told the alumni about it first and the alumni are already signing up they’re going to be a part of this uh and participating uh we’re gonna announce it
through the newsletter next week I just popped a link boom I just popped the link in the
chat get on the registration list we’re going to send out the we’re going to send out the uh the announcements and
invite people to be participate it’s going to sell out they normally always do Islander Ohana get on it this is what
you want to be a part of this is what everyone here who comes with uh and and is with us on so all right uh let’s move
on so here’s the here’s the big question that I kind of wanted us to talk about every so I’ve got a
let me kind of show you again what I’ve been looking over here so the big question is why do people leave right why do people leave Hawaii and are we
have a partner let’s see here uh we have uh Partners on the uh that we’ve worked with before I don’t know if you all the
for the for the veterans of the show who have been here uh there’s uh we work with the folks at Grassroots uh this was
the uh we had them as a guest their um their executive director Kelly and uh there’s they they got this great thing
about why we left Hawaii and I thought about this so there’s all kinds of they’re listing all these people and
their stories of you know why they left Hawaii and I thought you know what that would be a good a good topic for us to
uh to discuss so let’s talk about this why why do people why do people live why
do people leave Hawaii now Heidi and Dylan and Ashley we’ve all been here
long enough we know good friends uh close friends who have left who have come and who have gone and part of The
Islander Ohana is to kind of get this all educated as well uh but why do people leave Hawaii uh Heidi why don’t
we let’s go down the line let’s go Heidi and Dylan and then Ashley why do people leave Hawaii
well a lot of people leave Maui to lend
um in Las Vegas um mostly because of the cost of buying a home here is really high
um the other reason I see people leaving is to be closer to kids or grandkids on
the mainland for a family um I mean those are those are kind of
the top two um and then sometimes um you’ll we’ll see people move here in
retirement and then once they get into later retirement they decide to move
back to wherever they originally moved from yeah I think that retirement one’s a big
one like there there’s a big draw right because if your children or you’re or like a lot of local folks there’s some of those stories have you know all their
their kids have moved because they couldn’t afford it or whatnot for better opportunity uh family’s a big one Dylan
what’s uh what do you think is like is a big thing that you want to add to this I got totally connected to Heidi’s
comments I think I told this this story before right so this is uh this is like the typical profile of a lot of buyers
in our Market here and it’s important to kind of know the difference between you know people leaving there’s there’s people
who are like from here originally that leave and I think they leave for different reasons and people that have moved here and then leave after moving
here for a specified period of time so the but but for the folks that move here
one of the cycles that we see is they move here you know between their mid 50s and mid 60s their their retirement age
early maybe are retiring a little bit early have a real estate investment somewhere else that they can cash out in and then come here with with cash or a
large down payment to offset the cost of housing and they move here with the dream of living in Hawaii and
you know the the they imagine that their kids and their grandkids are going to visit them all the time and and that they’re gonna you know have this perfect
life here and then they get here and 10 years later they realize the kids and the grandkids don’t don’t visit them as
much and their friends don’t come and visit them as much and now they may have some health issues that we don’t have you know the Specialized Care that they
need here on the islands and so those kind of factors end up driving them to go back to you know somewhere else in
the main idea where they came from or somewhere close to maybe the grandkids and things like that so that’s a very
common cycle and then they’re just replaced with somebody who’s 10 years younger than them starting that whole cycle over again so from a you know the
standpoint of the the seller that was it from here to begin with that’s a very common profile the
folks that are from here that leave it’s almost always Economic Opportunity right I mean they’re they’re leaving because
they can make a similar amount of money in another market and then buy a home for a half or less than half the cost
and it’s twice as big and Twice As Nice than what they could buy here so
yeah Dylan I mean I I well well said uh thank you uh I’d love to name maximum
salad Max salad it’s what a great play on words Max salad uh it you know well
said uh and we have talked about this before one of the comments in fact that we had from one of our Islander Ohana
members we we had a meeting one of the we put it together in in a course of things that you didn’t realize that you
learned when you first moved here uh one comment was you know don’t buy the big
house thinking that people are coming over because not only and here’s another one Dylan on your to Riff on that not
only are people not coming over but when they do they don’t want to stay
with you they want to stay at the resort they want to be with the pools they want to have they want to be beachfront they
don’t want to hang out in your you know regular not regular but you know they don’t want to hang out on your residential house that’s in a
residential neighborhood they want to be in the beach so they’re going to come over say hello to you then they’re going to go hang out the bee so yeah it’s a
it’s a lost cost actually uh what have you what do you what’s what’s your what’s your take on here you know how do
you respond to what you know why people leave I think I really like how uh how Dylan and Heidi compartmentalize to you
know people who move here versus the local community I think what I found is local families who move obviously are
housing prices but also they’re the younger adults they want to go to college they want to experience you know
different cultures in the world and when they go out they realize man I can live somewhere and I can just drive across
the states and I can have a lot of different experiences and I think some people do feel like an island is just it
feels kind of small and then you have others who go off and they’re like okay I can never leave I need to come back so
I think that that’s just personal preference you know how far does someone want to fly sort of thing and then
obviously economics with pricing there’s a lot more opportunity there’s a lot more jobs that are on the
mainland but with that said now through Copa we’ve experienced a lot more virtual opportunities so we have a whole
other demographic of people who are moving here for those and I think we’ll see a lot of them leave shortly too as
people get more back into the brick and mortar businesses because if Jobs go overseas then we’re going to see other job opportunities opening up in the next
couple years and then you have your younger adults that come here and there it’s a very transient state right people
come here because it’s a feeling that they’re chasing it’s they’re looking for something maybe they didn’t have the
best um you know upbringing or they didn’t have the best stability where they’re
from so they come because they want to find peace and they find it but once
they get to a certain point of adulthood they realize it’s really hard to afford it so you’ve got to just make sure you plug into as many platforms as you can
like this to understand how to to get opportunity how to not just
survive but thrive on this island and it’s completely possible but a lot of people don’t plug into that so they have
to leave for you know financial reasons as well and then you do all those other great points that you guys brought up
excellent excellent comment you’re right on the money about that about everything that you said I couldn’t agree more at
at all points well well done uh had a couple of comments here actually brings up a really good point right we have a
we leave this demographic out sometimes but there’s a huge demographic of like the early 20 year old after college who’s gonna move to Hawaii and teach
yoga on the beach right that’s the dream right and then it’s year three the the veil sort of
unless and you’re like wait a minute I can’t afford to go hiking and go to the beach every day like oh I gotta there’s
I can’t rent a room anymore I’m getting to my 30s so yeah it’s time for the
jungle I’m gonna live in the jungle and eat fresh fruits every day that I’m gonna pick from from like wild trees
I’ll live like that go ahead Dylan I’m sorry and you can do that for a year or two you know living in a hostel or
living in you know renting somebody’s downstairs room or something like that but when it’s time to be a grown-up and like start a relationship or maybe have
kids like that’s unsustainable right so so as people kind of mature and then they move into the next phase of life it
becomes the reality of whether you can do that here and and you know just just uh bartend on the weekends and teach
yoga on the beach in the mornings is not a it’s not a sustainable economic lifestyle I I was one of those so I can
relate to someone’s comment yes I was like I’m gonna be a scuba dive instructor and I was like I’ll be
homeless if I do that um so I decided that this place did bring me a lot of joy and I was going to
insert myself into the culture I was gonna make it happen but I also experienced a lot of people that I met
in that Journey who could not do that they could not survive and and Thrive and that’s why I’m hell-bent on teaching
people how to do it locals obviously especially because you don’t want people to have you want people to choose to
leave because they want to not because they feel they have to actually we are on the same page that is
exactly what The Islander Ohana is about that is exactly what I hold this whole
living in thing that I started you know to kind of live into my golden years I moved here when I was 21
years old and uh you know Dylan’s kind of funny I I had a beach yeah yeah I you
know and I I was I was I was different I was I was stupid and cocky and you know
full of myself and you know I was gonna rule this place because I was a master programmer and everyone needs
programmers so I’ll have no problem and yeah I got hit over the head and starved and that’s a whole long story that I
don’t want to get into but uh it’s not but I did I had no I was not a yoga
instructor I assure you that uh but I noticed up uh actually on your background there it says uh surf surf
country I think it says surf country or surf County surf country surf country okay surf country
yeah there you go surf country yeah I I did uh as a kid from from Chicago I I was completely enamored with the surf
and it just kind of it just kind of got me hey a real quick uh I want to mention uh Norm’s got this uh hey we’re swirling
today after looking at homes yesterday saw a really great place I’m trying to figure out how to proceed so many
thoughts swirling Norm don’t swirl call the experts what are you waiting for get a hold of Dylan and his team and figure
that out uh trust your gut don’t overthink it trust your gut don’t overthink it there
you go that’s it man that’s that’s that that is a that is a Dylan as I call it a
dylanism it is a dylanism and and a great one at that hey as I see a couple
of comments over here uh uh yeah so uh Andre it is about the journey it is about the journey and uh thank you Joan
Ashley is a great addition I think so we’ll we’ll see how this goes I mean it’s working on well Joan I gotta see
how much Ashley likes it’s not about us liking her she’s pretty lovable but I don’t know about us that’s what I that’s
what I’m not too sure about so we have to figure all that part out party at Norman’s place Norm when are you doing
it dude let’s go it’s we have we have the The Islander Ohana is Branch we
already have the the majority of The Islander Ohana is on uh Oahu but we have some folks on the big island and uh like
Judy’s gonna be on the big on and Norm’s there and also uh Ray and a raise not not here but race rate the Dylan is
moving to the Big Island too and uh we also have uh Joanne uh Joanne is living
on Mommy so we’ve got we are branching Out The Islander Ohana to all the places so great everybody all right hey you
know I’m curious uh gang if you’ve got um uh what about you you’ve heard this whole conversation on right about why do
people leave I’m curious you know what kind of thoughts concerns questions do you have do you think you could make it
if like are you part of the the the 50s crowd like Dylan talked about where you want to like Norm for example where you
want to kind of move to the Big Island you think it’s going to be for the long term is family gonna kind of pull you back uh are you in your 20s where you
want to be the yoga instructor on the beach and eat fruits uh uh eat eat fruits on the from from the jungle and
uh to survive uh what’s your what’s your profile what are you thinking about how would family you know family is a big
deal I you know gang uh uh to Ashley and to uh uh Heidi and Dylan my my thing and
it’s a huge part of the course that we go through the the cohort that as we walk through it’s a five it’s a five
meeting uh course and and hours of instruction that you go through I believe is the spiritual part and
actually you touched on it it’s like you know you had to kind of find it within yourself that this was going to make this work and you know Hawaii gave you
some benefits that far that surpassed the financial hit that we all take uh I think it’s fundamentally a spiritual
thing that really keeps you to Hawaii unless you’re born here and then your family’s here and you don’t want to move and all that kind of good stuff there’s
that’s that’s the obvious one all right but gang pop it in the comments I’d like to hear from you let us know what you
think questions comments concerns uh it’s uh we need to we need to move on over here let’s let’s get into the our
our diamonds and Deals section uh let’s kind of pop this up so so this is where we talk about I’ve I’ve asked our our
co-hosts here to come up with properties that they think are cool that they want to feature either diamonds or deals uh
and uh let’s see the first one here is uh what the heck is that Maui uh Heidi
that this is stunning what is this so this is a new construction very
modern contemporary style home in Kula EO which is a new Agricultural
Development so it’s on about two acres um you can see it’s gonna have a pool
jacuzzi amazing views um listed at 3.8 million so we don’t see
a lot of super modern architecture on Maui we have a lot of Plantation style
and more traditional style homes so for somebody looking for this type of home I
think it’s it’s an interesting opportunity and you’ll have land too
which is is really nice that has got to be the coolest pool shot
I think I’ve ever seen it looks like one of those infinity pools but it’s lit up and it’s like a pool outside the pool
and that’s like all that that’s that’s one house right that’s not the Resort Clubhouse like that’s like an example of
the home that you get is that right that’s one house so super cool
four bedroom four bath on 1.935 acres oh my God that’s I didn’t
catch that comment so I just saw it now it’s a two acre it’s a two acre shot Jesus excellent well that’s that’s
amazing property okay who’s who’s buying the Maui property I’m that that’s it’s just that pool that right Ashley
you know we we keep talking and through Dylan maybe we’ll do some kind of a crypto coin we’ll all get into we’ll cut
like create some kind of a cryptocurrency that we could all like buy like one 100 000th of the property
and kind of you know use it for like a day uh you know one day out of every 10 years or something like that but it
would be it would be totally awesome uh hey before we uh we we move on um Michelle’s got a comment over here turn
16 May decided to retire sold home in the Florida Keys new life is all about
sea glass sunsets and swimming couldn’t be happier Michelle what what does Dylan call it
living the dream man living the dream I I even stole that that line villain and made it like the byline on living in
Hawaii living the dream it is living the dream uh all right cool let’s get on to our uh what’s up next over here we got
uh the next property up here is I believe this is uh let me turn this off this is
uh that’s mine that’s perfect quality I don’t know I’m sorry it was there and
now it’s gone but that’s okay go for it why don’t you share with us what you got and I’ll see if I could the the geek here will oh it’s it here it’s it’s odd
okay anyway go ahead Ashley what do you got this is in uh lululele this is Waianae the leeward side and I chose
this one because it’s under a million dollars and it has a for Oahu a sizable
lot it’s over 8 000 square feet it’s four bedrooms and two bathrooms but it
has a full-size in-ground pool and then you’re right there by the beach and if you look at the bay the on the further
end that’s all protected code that was waianae’s old small boat harbor so it’s no longer the boat harbor but you still
have the berms that protect the water so you can snorkel there you can boat there it’s 15 acre beach park and they just
redid the kids playground so you have the cakey area then you have the
um poki Bay Restaurant right across the street so after like you’re hot in the sun you can go get your shave ice and
then right on the other side of the Main Street you have waianae’s Mall which just has like Planet Fitness Long’s
Drugs it’s not really a mall it’s just like a strip of shops but that’s West Side hey it’s a mall it’s a mall in in
in the west side in the west side of parlance just don’t give up your hopes if you drive by and you’re like what
but honestly I like this one because I have like development deals and I have a bunch of things that are coming up too
that I think are really exciting but this is my just ultimate favor I can’t believe it was still on Market this is
when we got above asking price offer after being on market for 30 days and then they fell out two days later he
owned a security company his largest account um bailed that they canceled their
contract so he canceled date two days in and I’m like gosh I can’t believe it this thing is a diamond in the absolute
rough if you’re looking to retire or if you have to work from home you don’t need to commute this is such an amazing
value under a million dollars eight thousand square foot pool Beach everything you can need
and they raised everything they redid All the electric they did the underground plumbing they even did the Sewer Lateral line which is a 30 40 000
upgrade it is you don’t buy houses very often that dig up and trench and replace the Sewer
Lateral line on a flip everything is just TurnKey about this one
wow it’s a really nice property I’m glad I got to highlight it yeah I’m well I’m really glad that you did too I don’t
know why there’s there’s some kind of a technical thing we’ll have to figure it out because when I when I do the preview it shows it shows beach home four
bedroom two bath 950 but when I pop it on when I first it’s a geek thing and I
can’t figure it out I can’t de-geek live on live TV here but um this is where you
know you you kind of mentioned something quick and we’re gonna I’m gonna highlight because it’s it’s it it speaks to me you said about the um they dug up
the sewer they re-dug up the sewer line underneath the home right you mentioned yeah what was the term that you used
it’s a Sewer Lateral line and normally when people say new Plumbing new electric they mean a new above ground
Plumbing or they mean the plumbing underneath your you know bathroom vanity but to actually replace the underground
plumbing and a lot of people don’t do this in their home inspections but we make it our buyer requirement always scope your lines and a lot of them’s old
cast iron these homes are often built in the 40s and 50s and you’ve got deteriorated cast iron especially close
to the ocean like this so it’s very rare that you see the sewer underground being
replaced and it’s one of the probably largest value adds to this property but
you can’t see it right and people want it invisible um and we still priced it at market value without that into consideration
yeah it’s well the reason why that speaks to me is because well I live in a home that was built in the 50s and we’ve
got one of those cast iron uh those you know the cast iron underground uh pipes
and you know it’s under and the high houses on a concrete pad you just can’t dig that up and replace it at any old
time it’s a big big deal we’re going to be relining it it’s in good shape but you know it’s a big deal and that’s why
it spoke to me so yeah okay gang well look gang you all watching this one it’s below market value 950 that is kind of
crazy to be so close to the beach uh if if that’s the area for you uh you want to let us know about that that is uh
that is a I don’t wanna Don’t Wanna Miss that one if you can help it and let me now that I’ve geeked up my my slide deck
is not working correctly so give me a moment here all right here we go okay all right uh and I need to do this
pardon pardon the uh there we go okay Live technical redos while you watch uh
all right Dylan what do you got for us over here yeah this is just a killer estate property on acreage so five acres
five bedrooms four and a half baths you know fifty five hundred square feet just a huge house
um keokukumaka is in like the coffee belt so it’s it’s at like probably 1700
feet of elevation something like that but super cool sweeping views I don’t know if you can if it does it justice
but it has little pictures in the bottom you kind of see how the living room opens up and you just have you know a huge Ocean View right from the living
room out to the um the deck area at just a beautiful home um you can see architecturally it’s
just beautiful and then that’s while I mounted in the background so yeah if you’re looking for just Lush country
living but you’re still like 10 minutes away from Costco you know this is this is a huge opportunity so this is
beautiful wow it right thank you Ashley if the 10 minutes from Costco that closed me again that’s
that’s that’s what closed me on this deal 10 minutes from Costco what could be better than being 10 minutes from Costco no but you know
you know what’s what’s let’s see is that Okay so
do you guys hear anything or anything okay just you it’s just me something I
clicked on something I don’t know what I clicked on but anyway so we’re gonna um what’s up what’s amazing to me is this
is that the uh you look at the at the uh the the differences right here’s
here is the uh the Maui home a mind-blowing mind-blowing Molly home 3.8
million hey I’m just kind of curious what would you pick right would you pick the the four bedroom four bath almost
two acres for 3.8 on Maui stunning uh would you pick the
the killer amazing right by the beach and snorkeling uh a Waianae a redone
home look at it looks brand new with the with the new plumbing and all that kind of stuff for a little bit under a
million which is still actually you know now that you mentioned that is really like a crazy price right that is that’s
a crazy holistic uh or oh there it is something showed up oh it was part of the slideshow okay all right so there it
is Bam you never know right or or the five bedroom four and a half bath five
thousand square foot look at this freaking Mountainside 4.5 million what would you take gang
what would you oh by the way I want to give a shout out to uh Max salad there we go Max salad who says lot of
spinner dolphins in that bait correct correct spinner dolphins that’s where a lot of the Dolphin Tours these they they
used to take off from that boat harbor I don’t know what the story is I haven’t gone there for ages but spinner dolphins
uh on on the West Side uh and uh Kai uh Kel uh what home they’re all incredible
like which one are we talking about they’re like like the Molly one they’re amazing all right I I sound like I sound
like a real estate salesman and I don’t sell real estate and I I don’t want to do that uh and uh sea turtles yes yes
absolutely all right I think you know what gang look at it it’s 9 53 and uh I want to give a shout out in a in a
Mahalo here to uh Uncle Jim Uncle Jim Ashley is an absolute natural for the show well thank you Jim uh we’ll see
we’ll talk with Ashley off camera to see if we if we fit her we’ll find all that out we’re gonna Reserve I’m gonna
Reserve judgment uh we’re gonna move on gangrene I’ll close this up uh listen I’m a quick thing at the top here next
show as usual will be in two weeks which will be November 11th it’s going to be 10 a.m Hawaii time for us because we’re
we’re moving uh we’re losing the um daylight savings time is coming to an end I believe on November 6th if I’m not
mistaken but uh we will have switched you will have switched we don’t switch in Hawaii we don’t need daylight savings
time because we have all the daylight that we need right so we don’t need that so we’re going to move to 10. your time will be the same see you in two weeks
all right let’s close up some thought over here uh just Patrick you you missed
the whole dude you missed the whole thing you missed the whole you missed the whole thing you missed Ashley you missed it all you missed it all but
anyway it it well glad you’re glad you’re here uh the spinner dolphins and sea turtles put me over the edge yeah
Joan Joan this is for you girl this is for you sea turtles and we’re hanging
out at your place Joan is also an alumni of the honor Ohana we are hanging out party at Jones uh in Waianae at that
awesome house with with the uh with with the pool all right I’m just gonna say this show has been very valuable to me
because now I know what to add to my property description that I didn’t have before so thank you guys because I’m
going to go back and add because there are tons of spinner dolphins and turtles I appreciate it
awesome see this is this is the social this is the interaction piece so now you know hey you know what that you know
Ashley that is a fantastic observation uh and well first of all Patrick says he
start what where is it Patrick wait wait let’s see this is all kind of Patrick sorry Patrick you’re lost dude your loss
that’s all but but you’re here you’re here uh that’s for us and Norm Norm wants the big on property uh and uh
Aloha I know Riley so enjoyed your new guess all right let’s Okay Ashley you’re getting some thumbs up from everybody that’s a that’s a that’s a good sign for
you I know about us I’m not sure if Ashley is is in with us for your lips
the gods ears right right Joan exactly so anyway so Ashley you know what and actually I gotta say something everything that you see on the show are
actually features that people brought up that we’ve Incorporated the news the music the closing thoughts all this
stuff has come from from really from everybody so really it’s a collaboration and you know you just made me realize something that maybe uh Dylan and Heidi
might want to think about too this is great feedback to help you improve your listings right so gang if you got some
some things that you’d like to kind of share on helping them improve their listings uh pop them back it’s a great
comment closing thoughts so look you know all the regulars here you know what these closing thoughts are what are
yours pop them in the comments as we go through our closing closing motivational thoughts if you’ve got something you want to share please pop in in the
comments I want to hear about it all right let’s move on Dylan go for it what is your quote and what’s it what does it
mean to you yeah I went through a certification for coaching this last couple of weeks and this is one of the
things I got out of it is everything you want in life is just outside your comfort zone and 100 inside your
accountability zone so just a good reminder that you know to push Beyond where we’re comfortable to get the stuff
that we really want in life and if you can hold yourself accountable you can really do anything right and have
somebody in your life that helps hold you accountable to your goals and your and your dreams so just a good thought
to keep in mind my only question is were you teaching that coaching course or were you taking
that coaching course because you’re pretty awesome you’re a pretty awesome coach right off the bat oh I was taking
it you know and again trying to trying to further self-develop and get better at being a leader for my team but yeah
they’re I I find myself as a coach a lot of times with the people in our business but I’ve never had any formal training
right so it was really good um to actually we’ll talk offline about it but this profiles something where she’s
doing good man yeah absolutely absolutely let’s let’s let’s do that uh
Maxell it says my condo I see daily rainbows wasn’t in the real estate listen but would have made it even sweeter daily rainbows daily rainbows
there you go uh hey uh Heidi your turn what’s your quote and how does it speak to you
and what it means to me is just a reminder to be persistent and take
action um in making the opportunities for yourself that you’re looking for so not
to literally beat down the door but just take action I’d say beat it I’d say Beat It Down
Heidi well the quote stands the way it says uh Hey and Aloha I know Riley
relished the details of the day and give thanks absolutely you know one of the biggest things uh study after study has
shown is that those who are thankful uh uh uh psychologically it just does
everything for you it comes you come out ahead psychologically by giving thanks so thanks for sharing that but Heidi beat down the door you’re absolutely
right that yeah I would say beat down the door uh Ashley uh what’s what’s your quote and how does it speak to you
I think um this resonates especially in the economic Times that we’re coming
into right now and especially for anybody who is an entrepreneur or just putting in work with exercise or you
know we kind of look at if you exercise for example when you look in the mirror you don’t see results right and you look
and you don’t see results but if you exercise to see that result daily then you would probably stop but just understanding that your overall life
will get better down the line so it was just a good reminder for me that you
know I’m not going to judge My Success today I’m not going to judge the results today by the things that I start
implementing today but I’ve got to water that I’ve got to wait I’ve got to reap those rewards down the line so be
patient be patient with yourself every day your best changes and it’s not going
to be something instantaneous there’ll be these small increases or small improvements that you might not even
notice but it will make a bigger impact in your life overall you have to read the quote that’s part
of the ritual you have to read the quote don’t judge each day by the Harvest you reap provide the seeds that you plant
are good habits awesome awesome great excellent uh I got
a great I got a great illustration from that I heard the other day if you eat a Big Mac today you probably
won’t see the difference be a Big Mac a day for a month you’re probably not gonna see the difference but if you eat a Big Mac a day for a year you’ll start
to see a difference and if you eat a Big Mac every day for five years you will definitely see the difference so it
works both ways right and same thing with healthy habits and good habits sometimes it takes a year to five years
but you know the the difference is huge the Big Mac the Big Mac method of coaching
yes well well said well said Dylan it’s really it’s that long it’s the pattern right what is the what is the pattern
that you are establishing in your life all right uh finally Mike turned uh as you all know this this is my is this has
become my my signature interesting you know so here’s the fun part right we don’t really we don’t collaborate we
just kind of throw our own quotes out everybody’s kind of puts it together you’ll notice there was a theme today right the theme today was sort of success Etc so here’s here’s mine from
Proverbs I love that book uh some pretend to be rich yet have nothing others pretend to be poor yet have great
wealth and you know for me what speaks to me about that is I never judge a book by its cover never judge a book by its
cover you know some people they looked at their lit they’re living the high life and you don’t know what’s going on inside some people you have no idea yet
they’re wealthier than you could ever imagine and really what matters is like what’s inside your life right what’s what’s it it’s about what’s in you
um one of the this makes me think for some reason I don’t know why but it makes me think about a quote that I heard never compare yourself to others
it will only make you depressed uh definitely never compare yourself to other people’s Facebook page uh Facebook
news feeds that’ll absolutely you know or their Instagram pictures you’ll absolutely get depressed if you compare
yourself for that rather compare yourself to who you were a year ago that’s the comparison that you make
compare yourself to yourself all right I think that’s it gang so we’re all gonna say goodbye to everybody it is that time
you all were great love you it was a great show thank you all for being a part of it thank you guys for being a new co-host over here uh let’s go around
clockwise and Say Goodbye Heidi then Dylan and then Heidi say goodbye everybody Aloha have a great weekend have a
awesome weekend everybody Aloha have a blessed day a blessed day love it hey have a great
day love you all see you all in two weeks uh same time for you at 10 o’clock for us aloha