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Show Start 11/11/22
What’s planned for today’s show
Warm ups and intros
Kanakapila – Don TIki
News and Market Updates 11/11/22
Hawaiian Christmas Tree?
Ohana Question: What state are Hawaii locals moving to?
Big Island Market Update
How can list prices be coming down while median sales prices are up?
Maui Market Update
Oahu Market Update
Is shoreline beach erosion becoming a problem for property owners?
Controversy around Obama Hawaii beachfront home?
Answer: what state do locals move to?
What are our favorite drinks?
Join the Islander Ohana! Time is running out!
How is Hawaii’s election season different from the mainland?
Why does Hawaii have some of the lowest election turnouts?
Did Hawaii have a Red Wave election?
Can Oahu properties rent daily on Airbnb or must they abide by a 30 day min?
Maui 3bd 2ba home $1.4M
Oahu 3bd/1ba in Maili, $630k
Kona 5bd 5ba $1.4M
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Show Transcript

I don’t know well Aloha kakahiaka everyone good
morning today is Veterans Day November 11 2022 I’m your host Peter K and you
have joined the Aloha Friday Hawaii real estate show Welcome uh we’ve got a great lineup for you today uh first of all
really really quick we got our friends over here we have Ashley Watson from uh Oahu the North Shore and we have Heidi
dallinger who’s from Maui and we have Dylan nonaka who is from the Big Island uh we’re gonna I want to give you guys a
quick if you’ve um if you’ve been uh if you’re watching this on a recorded basis and actually whether you’re recorded or
live uh you’re going to want to know here’s our lineup for today we’ve got a lot of things planned for you first of all we’re going to start with some Tiki
music I got a really cool soundtrack I hope that you folks are going to like we’re going to go into the news we’ve got some interesting things about rainbows and Hawaiian Christmas trees
which would be kind of cool uh there’s some interesting I’m going to ask you guys a question about where locals are moving again of course our real estate
market update that we’re gonna get from Oahu and Maui and the big island and we’ve got a big question about uh
elections we’re not going to top politics but we’re going to talk about how elections in Hawaii are different from the mainland and uh we’re going to
be talking about real estate deals on diamonds and Deals as we always do and of course motivational thoughts is how we’re going to close it so that’s our
show for today by the way if it’s if you’re listening if you’re watching this on a recorded basis we’re using chapters in YouTube so you can click through and
Skip to any part of the show that you want or just kick back relax watch the whole thing but for now we’re going to
warm up uh this this is our chance to get the microphones working get the Facebook audience coming in because auntie Joyce auntie Joyce is is our is
anxiously awaiting the show welcome anti-choice that you are are here let’s go uh clockwise let’s go Ashley and then
Heidi and then Dylan Heidi uh Ashley how are you doing what’s that what’s the morning like in uh Haleiwa today
I’m in Kailua and it is beautiful and it’s sunny and lovely and it’s not rainy
so I’m really happy about that it’s a beautiful day just came out of a Tony Robbins event so if you’ve ever been to
one of those you’ve got all the momentum you need for the next 90 days
yeah sorry about that I didn’t know I didn’t realize that you’re in uh Kailua you’re uh but uh and the sun’s counting
in you got a nice bright sun which is of course the morning rise in Kailua which we all love uh excellent Heidi what’s
the what’s the coffee of the day uh how how’s Molly going
you’re uh you’re you’re muted here we go okay I’m doing great over
here on Maui I have my favorite badass coffee um that I’m drinking this morning and
I’m very grateful for where I live which is down near the ocean there’s been a
big fire burning in the West Maui mountains um in Lahaina for about three
days it’s burned about 2 000 Acres um it’s above the lania Poco subdivision
so a few people had to evacuate it hasn’t impacted any communities it’s way
up in the valley in the mountains and um anyway yeah uh dry and windy up there
so I’m happy to be down where I am uh right by the beach
do they know how it started uh no I mean
lightning or it could be anything I mean the conditions it’s just super windy
windy wind coming from all different directions and a whole bunch of dry grass they’re probably not going to be
able to determine how it started I mean who knows but but yeah I mean fortunately it’s natural
good conditions for it oh just fortunately it hasn’t been
impacting homes I mean so far but I do have a friend who lives at the upper part of laniopoco and I mean the police
came and knocked on our door and she evacuated um and a couple streets had to evacuate
but I don’t know um so yeah great grateful to not be close
to that you know uh if you take a dry a dry situation hot ground dry grass uh it’s
you know you’re asking for trouble you you don’t need much to get started but we will pray for the safety of those that are nearby the area we had a couple
more of our friends join us before we go to Dylan we had hey Judy Judy is back welcome Judy Judy is an Islander Ohana
alumni welcome back and and auntie Joyce is happy that Ashley is back uh as is as is Uncle Jim Jungle Jim’s like hello
everyone happy to see Ashley in the Life there you go actually the the fan base has already started how about that and
then we have Aloha Supernova from New York City Aloha from NYC welcome Aloha
Supernova I don’t recall seeing you on our show welcome if this is your first time it’s not your first time welcome Dylan what’s going on what’s the shirt
what’s happening on the big island well in honor of Veterans Day I got the green this is my camouflage Aloha shirt
closest thing I could find to camouflage Aloha tire but it’s a beautiful day over here
um looking forward to uh doing some fencing after this I got my buddy who’s a fencing contractor outside getting set
up and I told him we got to keep the compressor off during the show so it doesn’t make any noise but as as in most
places in Hawaii pigs are a huge issue right and so pigs have been coming in my yard and my wife is not happy about them
coming and digging up the the lawn and the gardens and stuff so we’re putting up some pig fencing to protect their
protect the yard you know Dylan for I I can’t exactly explain why but when you first of all by
the way uh uh a happy Veterans Day I I you’re are you technically a veteran or
you’re not a veteran because you’re in the service how’s that work I’m not sure how that works okay
soon well you will be a veteran one day if if you’re not already a veteran if you’re not considered a veteran but
regardless happy Veterans Day and I I love the uh the camel I’ve never seen a camouflage that is pretty darn that is
pretty darn cool but but you know I I wanted to share with you when when you said fencing I know about the rest of
y’all what did you all think when Dylan said fencing because what came to my mind is I thought like you know he’s gonna you know like the sword thing with
the mask and you’re gonna go fencing like the sport fencing as opposed to like like putting up a fence fencing
that’s kind of what I don’t know why it just it’s just what you mean fencing
two he’s so cool foreign
excellent well uh Joan is here with us Aloha and happy to see everyone here well Joan we’re happy to see you here
Jonas also I and an alumni as is Bobby Bobby’s on the big on Aloha everyone Bobby Bobby’s got the coolest pictures
on on Facebook uh it really it’s really it’s very very uh gratifying Bobby to
see what kind of a great life that you are are having uh and which are moved to the big on Happy Veterans Day to Dylan there you go thanks Jim uh I’m sure
Dylan appreciates that and uh the gym also he’s a he’s an army vet Jameson oh Jim is an army vet excellent
well good good memory Dylan I did not I did not uh recall that uh Mark is back with us Mark is also on Alum of The
Islander Ohana Michelle cook back from Makaha excellent Michelle yeah the gang’s all here everyone’s everyone’s
here on a Friday we’re gonna kick back and have a good time uh that’s there you go uh Joan I will take that I
am a musketeer at heart thank you and Heather is back too Heather excellent but it’s like the gang’s all here we all
just show up on a Friday morning have a coffee you know kick back and I see what these folks are going to be becoming but
all right hey it’s it’s 1003 actually it’s time it’s time to get going so I know if you guys have have seen this
this group here uh don Tiki I actually know the guy uh Lloyd uh who
is one who was one of the the producers of of the band uh really cool it’s a um
uh it’s a lounge music but it’s kind of like a Tiki Lounge music it’s a whole
genre and they have a huge following so uh we’re gonna play some Don Tiki so get your uh get your Alexa nearby get your
alexas and your series and your Google Play music because we’re gonna play some uh some of Dante so here we go so
Alexa play Don Tiki forbidden sounds hey Siri
play music from Don Tiki forbidden sounds and then finally okay Google play
music from Don Tiki forbidden sounds check that out everybody you might like
that soundtrack I got a kick out of it uh and uh it’s it’s good fun let me know what you think of of Don Tiki forbidden
sounds that is a good soundtrack enjoy all right uh let’s see we got another comment here uh my best friend uh Kathy
Stillman is here too she’s watching from San Diego well welcome Kathy who’s watching from San Diego is great to have
you here with us uh let’s let’s hit some news let’s get a let’s get a quick update on kind of what’s what’s
happening in in the news thing so there’s a bunch of stories I’m going to want to hear some feedback from it was
reported that Oahu sales fell along who sells fell 42 uh big on had a sales drop
and don’t have a percentage but uh both uh Big Island uh Oahu and big on had a significant sales drop I’d be curious to
see to hear some commentary from our experts on on that topic uh so Hawaiian Christmas history so this is actually
really cool because Heather’s here and uh Heather on her on her Facebook page posted uh a Hawaiian Christmas tree
story and I picked it up and there is something there’s a movement going on it’s called the Allah tree
here’s the shot of it and uh excuse me on your left hold on a second
on the left is the sort of like the baby version that you could buy apparently at various stores now they’re selling this
and they’re putting it off as a live Christmas tree so if you know in fact it’s kind of funny our family used to
say you know what we don’t want to have like dead trees that we’ve killed in our house can we get something else uh and
so this would be for those who who don’t want you know dead trees in in their house you could get the Hawaiian tree so
on the left is is the baby on the right is like a ginormous version and it kind of looks like a Christmas tree in some
ways it’s got that kind of triangular symmetric kind of look to it and in the middle there are the flowers that this
tree also flowers twice a year so it’s kind of a cool movement and I thought it was an interesting story and uh you know
you may want to if uh Heather uh if you end up getting a Allah tree or anybody
else uh let us know I I’d love to know about it all right um let’s see let’s get back into so that
was the cool story I want to share more rainbow so it looks like you know a global warming can be a good thing it’s not necessarily evil thing uh because
one of the things that that climb to change apparently that they are predicting is Hawaii is going to get
more rainbows we’re already the rainbow capital of the world but we’re going to get more rainbows and that’s a good
thing I love rainbows it’s great although you know driving in a convertible you know you see rainbows like ah it’s beautiful but you also know
that in a few minutes you’re going to be wet so that Top’s got to go up all right um Coastal erosion so this is not so
much a factor for the big ones don’t have said but I’d like to get some feedback when they be Heidi and from uh Ashley uh there is
we’re getting some mic noise over there from somebody um Coastal erosion is now becoming a
planned reality in other words uh you know where everyone is finally recognizing the reality of the Hawaiian
Islands which is that the Hawaiian Islands are always have been shrinking for millions of years coastly erosion
has been a fact of geological life in Hawaii since the beginning of Earth time uh but now because you know time has
passed Hawaii became a state in 1959 uh there’s been several decades now and we’re able to actually see the effects
of erosion so we’re gonna start planning around so I’d be curious if if uh if Heidi or if Ashley have anything that
they want to uh comment about that Coastal erosion planning it’s going to be it is a reality uh you saw that story
about you know homes sinking into into the ocean finally uh dog got arrested dog got arrested because it was
assaulting among seals so in Hawaii we we also arrest bucks a man a man was cited after his dog was seen harassing
Hawaiian monk seals we take our humongous we take our Hawaiian monk seals very uh sacredly if you will uh
and then finally the weather it’s starting to cool off it was a nice cool evening last night you can see here we can now we’re getting we’re dipping into
the uh what 69 degrees as the low uh with high high 70s so uh that is uh that
is a wrap of of the news and let’s uh uh why don’t we do this I I’m gonna I’m
gonna post a question to the group and then we’re going to get into the market up because I’d like you all to think about this so here’s here’s the Ohana
question for today for for those of you that are participating here that are with us here
I’d like you to take your guess where do people from Hawaii move what
are the most popular states that people from Hawaii move to give us your top two
or three and let’s see uh let’s pick your top three top three states that people from Hawaii move to what is it
pop it in the comments and uh and we’ll we’ll go from there all right time for the market update let’s go
counterclockwise for the market update give us the uh any news any updates anything you want
to share any reflection on the news or Market stats uh let’s go counterclockwise Dylan then Heidi and then Ashley until you go first
yeah we’re still I mean we’re still seeing it’s it’s kind of a tale of two sides of the island on the west side you
know with the higher price points and the more second home type markets we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the number
of sales uh month over month and then month compared to last year so we’re down like 50 in terms of the number of
sales but if you go on the other side of the island it’s down just a few percentage points so the the the amount
of sales that are happening on the east side where it’s a much more affordable um and there’s a lot more inventory there isn’t that huge dramatic drop so
overall if you look at the island across the board um especially in a year to date kind of um reference point there’s
like 20 300 sales this year so far in residential homes and there was 2 700
um a year ago so so 400 last year to date than than a year ago but uh it’s
it’s funny because same thing with condos are trending that way but land is actually we’re higher in terms of number
of pieces of land that have sold versus um a year ago so the Market’s doing some
weird stuff I mean it’s definitely slowing down residential interest rates are definitely softening the market
um but it needed to happen I mean there was it was unsustainable where we were going and we’re not seeing prices drop
median price across the board is still up from a year ago so the volume is
going down number of sales are going down but prices are not are not decreasing and definitely I mean just
anecdotally you know we put up put a nice small house on the market on this past week and and we’re expecting
multiple multiple offers um after the interest of just having it on the market a couple of days so the things that are
affordable that are priced properly are still selling very quickly the buyer demand is still there um but you just gotta you gotta price
your property smart now because that’s that’s one of the things that um is hurting sellers is there they think they’re in the market from six to eight
months ago and it’s not that market anymore uh interesting you know the um it’s kind
of fun because we have the show every two weeks so we get to see incremental changes right so we kind of saw this
this General okay the The Madness of the the coveted madness has gone away that was like one incremental thing and then
we kind of had okay you know the uh the the the volume of sales is dropping but you know if you price it right it’s
still good and which kind of scene that’s kind of where we’re at now I think the big indicator of prices have not had any significant drop but you
have to be smart and price your house correctly which is you know where where it’s all at we had a question from kanaka Mali which is list prices coming
down but median sales price is still up a bit I don’t I don’t know if you have a question yeah I think we commented on
this last week so this is an important Point especially you know from just the internet viewer right the that that’s
that’s seeing stuff on the internet you really can’t look at list prices dropping as an indicator of the market
because you have to look at what sold prices are and people can list properties for whatever crazy price they
want to list them for it matters what they sell at and so of course what the internet sites Drive is that they you
know you get these price alerts that there’s price drops and price drops and price drops and then they’ll aggregate that stuff and and um you know it gets
you to click on their website and go look around but if what I’m referring to is purely closed sales data so I don’t
care what it’s listed for I don’t care what it’s what it closes at and closed sales are medium price is still up
versus a year ago so don’t get distracted by the price drops because if you overpriced your property you’re eventually going to have to sell it for
the price that the market is going to bear and that price is still going to be higher than it was a year ago right so even if you started two or three hundred
thousand too high when it eventually sells it’s going to sell for the right price
thanks you and if I’m not mistaken uh kanaka you are going through a realtor course if I’m not mistaken she is going
to be a realtor on Oahu if I believe how’s that coming along I’d like to know about that all right uh thank you for
the question and then until the info Heidi uh uh how’s the Maui situation how’s the Maui market and uh anything
else you want to share about Maui yeah I mean similar uh to what Dylan
said I mean the overall Market’s slowing year to date dollar volume for homes and
condos is down around 20 um number of sales for homes year to
dates down about 23 condos down about 31
um compared to about a year ago buyers are probably going to have a better experience meaning less intense
competition um especially for single-family homes and there is compared to a year ago more
inventory I mean approximately 30 percent more inventory
um that said I mean properties are still selling our Market is still robust and
active um I mean things are still selling it’s
just I mean it’s not at the at the pace um of about a year ago
um so yeah it’s I mean it’s been fun and it’s it’s always interesting to watch I
would say the single family home Market on Maui has slowed down
more at this point than the condo Market the condo Market especially for condos
that are vacation rentals under a million and a half that’s still a pretty in demand market and a pretty hot
market right now it’s the residential Market that slowed down a little bit
more at this point so we’ll see what happens again that that same that same Trend
right the the madness is coming to a close the Market’s becoming kind of more uh let’s say normalized where you have
to price it smart and there’s competition more than there used to be uh excellent so connects the yes and
closing on my first property all right congratulations studying break right now yes right okay see the realtor the
realtor pros here know what that’s all about that’s a big deal and it’s going great easy peasy excellent great that’s glad to hear uh couldn’t be happy all
right actually uh give us the update uh what do you see on on Oahu how these uh these prices affect the things oh by the
way I know Heidi or actually just jump in if you guys have any questions on that any anything you want to add about that erosion is becoming a big thing now
to kind of plan into effect erosion but anyway actually go ahead um wheat to your point yeah we did see
the single family sector the number of houses sold did go down over 40 percent and
what’s interesting is that it is now I think in October it’s like 220 sales for
single family which is actually historically low because even in 2018 or
2019 there was still 300 in 2018 309
sales so that was actually pretty shocking as far as the median price to
Dylan and Heidi’s Point those have really not been that affected the median price for single family is still at one
point um a million and fifty and in
2019 in 2020 it was a million 50 as well so we saw in some markets increases of
20 to 30 plus percent we’re just seeing things go down to you know pre-covered
Market potentially just sub neighborhoods so when we’re working with our agents like my team we’re finding
resale values for homes or list price what’s going on with the market I just tell our team and our clients we’re
going to go back to 2019 2018. look at the market standards then and that’s really sort of the expectations that
we’re able to lay out today right um I’d say the condo Market though has
been oddly stable obviously prices have been somewhat impaled and the number of sales have gone down a little bit but
it’s interesting and during covid in 2020 no condos were really I mean there
was condo sales but they went really stale really stagnant and I think it’s because people didn’t want to be around
other people right my theory is like they wanted more space they wanted single family ways they wanted to get
away and then 2021 came around and everything started getting too expensive so people started getting more back into
the condos and now 2022 the prices have been still so elevated in the single
family space that the condo Market is really thriving and people are coming back to that heavily as their
entry-level homes or their investment properties it’ll be really fascinating to see what happens in the next six months or so in
that condo area and in the higher income the luxury homes now that Bill 41 is in
full effect so I don’t know why we’re not seeing a flood of airbnbs and
short-term rental homes flooding our market like we anticipated I am still surprised to this day I feel like it’s a
gate that we’re just waiting to get open um some of the tactics I’m using with my clients is like hey find an Airbnb that
you really love and give me the address I’ll reach out to the homeowner and see if we can get you in
as far as the erosion Coastal for us it’s North Shore is getting hit
the heaviest I have a list I had a potential listing we were about to go live on Market they had nice 20-foot
lead of ocean at Sunset and now they’re all over the news for
um taking some unpermitted precautions on saving their property and it is the
erosion has now gone underneath their house sadly you don’t see it as predominantly in a lot of other parts of
the island yet but we’re getting hit the hardest on North Shore and Oceanfront properties have pretty much just it’s
obliterated their their valuations the neighbors behind them though are
excited to be titled Oceanfront soon yeah okay once I I guess once once one
property falls in the ocean there’s one that’s behind it that now but that becomes a new ocean front oh boy that’s that’s funny but sad uh uh thanks for
that update you know it’s um it’s interesting the uh uh so you you mentioned Bill 41 we should clarify what
Bill 41 is for everybody so Bill 41 is a piece of legislation that was passed for
the City and County of Honolulu uh that is basically uh essentially outlawing uh
any airbnbs that are outside of the resort zones we had touched this over previous shows but Bill 41 is kind of
what what’s made that happen now there’s a little bit of controversy right Ashley there is a there’s a there’s a court
case about it because they wanted to make it what was it I think it was 90 they want to make a 90-day minimum uh
and that’s being kind of fought back in court but they’re going to force it to be a 30-day minimum but it is going to be it is going to happen one way or
another is that what Bill uh actually what Bill 41 is
foreign just
there you go vote for anyone yeah so actually Bill 41 is they wanted to redefine so
they came in with the hotel lobbyists came in and they’re like we want to stop the short-term Vacation Rental process
and so they banned short-term vacation rentals and said that there can only be 30-day rentals and they put a lot of
um they hired people to regulate the websites and for encouraged neighbors to
sell police as well and report them and then they would get fines of ten thousand dollars in Daily and then
people just adjusted and then they just started doing 30-day rentals and they were able to still thrive in that environment so a year went by and they
said we want to redefine what short term is then so yes they wanted to redefine it from 30 days to 90 days and it went
into effect in October 15th I believe um I don’t think it was repealed the last I
heard it was not it’s not it’s not repealed there’s there’s a court case pending about the 90-day period because
the the people that had 30 day that that had a legit 30-day uh vacation rental
license uh where you know those are the ones who are fighting back so it’s still
going through court but it is kind of happening and that is a good point Ashley that’s a great idea to find your
best to find the nicest Airbnb that you’ve got and see if they want to sell it um yeah that that that’s that’s smart
that is interesting so hey gang if you if y’all y’all have an Airbnb so here folks you’re you’re looking for a place
on Oahu take a look at Airbnb you like it send it to us and we’ll have Ashley chase after it maybe go get it up for
you that that’s a that’s a cool way to go actually I like that I like that a lot actually um Michelle thank you Michelle went into
effect on the 23rd but there’s now an injunction and cannot be enforced correct so the the the 90-day thing went
into effect and it’s it’s in under an injunction but the 30-day thing is still kicking it so that’s what’s under that’s
what’s being fought about so anyway um hey real quick uh
what I I want to kind of to to touch on real quick was this this issue of of the
erosion and kind of how this is going to go uh you know and I’ll have you all
comment in on this is like it seems to me here’s what I’m catching right my thought is that you know uh again you
know statehood really Hawaii didn’t really become commercialized really until after 1960 uh with the jet age and
tourism and all that kind of stuff and the population kind of cranked up so really that’s only what it’s only 60 years ago
um and there wasn’t really a lot of heavy regulation a land use regulation until really until the 70s and it really
erosion wasn’t really a fact but now that we’ve been around for a long time and those homes that were built 50 60
years ago on the you know oceanfront homes are now seeing the effect of erosion which as I said earlier is
constant it’s been happening in the whole if you look at the Hawaiian island chain erosion has been happening for several million years and it’s at a same
clip maybe maybe with climate change it’s happening an inch faster every 100 years than it did before but it’s still
happening so what do we see any long-term effects of this in terms of is is it is there going to be any kind of
fundamental change in in the way that uh do you have any kind of insights or or a
sense of long-term change in other words if there’s going to be new development is it going to be you know a hundred
feedback or our sea wall is absolutely going to be outlawed et cetera et cetera do you guys have anybody want to chime
in on any kind of changes you see coming down the road or you you could see materializing I mean yeah I’ll comment on that I mean
it’s it’s a huge issue in Maui and Maui County Council is actually moving
forward with creating a plan to separate out of funds specifically to
address manage Retreat and manage Retreat is moving things away from the shoreline and that’s
um our roads infrastructure utilities I mean it’s
it’s something that they’re planning for the future and a lot of Maui County’s property taxes
come from properties that are right ocean front on the shoreline I mean whether they’re
vacation rentals um owner occupied or hotel resort I mean
all those properties everybody 40 50 years ago wanted to build as close to the ocean as possible
um so that’s where a lot of the tax base comes from so the fear is if those properties
um are compromised by the ocean well then we won’t have any income from property taxes either
um so it’s an interesting I mean kind of long-term future plan to think about
um and I’m definitely I mean we’re definitely seeing it here in West Maui
and South Maui it is an issue I mean anybody that buys an oceanfront property
or anything anywhere close to the ocean in Hawaii um there’s a disclosure called the sea
level rise disclosure they’re predicting in 50 years the we
could have as much as 3.2 feet of sea level rise I mean that would pretty much
eliminate anything that is built directly on the ocean right now so
um only time will tell you know what exactly will happen but um it’s a hot topic for owners that own
right on the ocean and I mean those buildings were built 50 years ago and at the time I mean that’s just what they
did but now today I mean we need to think about a solution going forward
um what’s going to happen to those buildings and that’s where a lot of our vacation rental properties like a lot of
our legal vacation rental properties are the properties right along the ocean um
so anyway yeah it’s a big issue I mean that there’s no way to kind of quickly
address it but just a couple no it’s it’s there’s no and I didn’t really think about the um the tax revenue
aspect of it you just can’t say oh let’s just demolish these properties and you know we’ll you know there’ll be a new set of Oceanfront owners no there’s like
you know billions millions of dollars you know a lot of money that’s that’s tied up in uh Oceanfront properties we
had a couple comments here Jason ask a quick question is the walkway in Nepali still closed due to erosion would you
know about that Heidi um yes I mean right on kanapali beach in
front of kind of poly Elite I mean we had a different swell come in from a storm
somewhere else and I mean it took out some palm trees and they had to close the walkway right there
um over the years since I’ve been on Maui I’ve kind of seen Beaches come and go I mean beaches aren’t a static thing
they come and go at different times of year with the swells and they get bigger and smaller but
um right in front of kanapalioli that stretch of Kaanapali Beach that got hit pretty hard last time I was there which
was less than two weeks ago it was still closed I mean I’m guessing it’s still
closed for right now so we’re hoping uh in the winter some sand comes comes back
and re-nourishes that beach just naturally with the changing of the seasons but I
mean those trees that are down are down and they they’ve got to repair the walkway obviously yeah trees don’t trees
don’t come back up when they’re down you know actually uh Kai Lewis you know a huge changes that you see in beaches
Kailua beaches there’s like you know trees going down if anybody else want to comment on the erosion topic when a chime in we got some comments so Dylan
the big ones got like three or four million years to go before there’s any more beachy erosion over there anyway go ahead I’m sorry yeah not an issue I mean
a couple of couple of additional perspectives here one is the state and the counties have made it
so extremely difficult to build if your property is touching the ocean I mean you got to get a shoreline survey done
you got to go through office of coastal lands to get special permitting before the county will allow you permits so
like de facto it’s unless you have just a ton of money it’s really not
um it’s it’s cost prohibitive to eat you know to build ocean front and all for most normal people and
um another interesting you know to me I’d like this to like the lava on the big island or it’s a common sense right
if you’re gonna build near the ocean there’s a possibility you’re gonna get flooded it’s going to be erosion like I don’t know why this is like a controversial topic or a surprising
topic it’s like you’re gonna build on a rift Zone it’s potentially you’re going to have lava in your back in your front yard so
um it’s funny that you know the way we react to stuff like this where if you build next to a river it’s potentially
going to get flooded right I mean it’s just very common sense type stuff and an interesting thing I I listened to
recently um had to do with the financial sector and with this whole you know sea level
rise um threat that that we talk about a lot and what’s very interesting is
there’s no Prohibition in getting lending on like any of these projected areas that are gonna be underwater in 30
or 50 years right and if that was the case run it run it back again let go back over that slowly that’s an
important piece that’s an important yeah that you’re making so so you know like Financial people are pretty smart right big Finance is like pretty smart people
they have extremely deep underwriting studies that they do and stuff and and you have all of these projections of you
know seed levels gonna rise three feet and all these places are going to be flooded in America I mean not so much Hawaii but you know all across the
United States right Florida and low-lying areas but there’s no prohibition on getting lending in these
areas you can still get a 30-year mortgage right so why would lenders if this was a something that was actually a
threat or like a credible threat why would lenders still be taking a risk and lending doing 30-year loans on a place
that could be underwater in 30 years right and so until that happens it’s a very interesting indicator of you know
there’s a lot of media hype and all this kind of stuff but follow the money right money is always where the smart people are at and why is that not something
that the finance industry is more concerned about it’s an interesting thing to consider to me hey you know
just to uh just to kind of throw that that one in there yeah you make a really good point uh the the famous one of the
most famous Hawaii born uh Americans uh Barack Obama bought is known to buy the
beautiful place to I think he owns two homes uh two amazing mansions one on Martha’s Vineyard which is just above
the water line and another one um that’s being built as we speak uh on Ashley’s side of the island uh on the
Waimanalo side uh right along the water so if anybody gets clued in on climate
change issues he would know I would think he would know and uh he’s he’s good for the next 20 or 30 years God
bless him if he lives a comment on his though his is he where he has bought his
property there’s a protective wall around the outside perimeter and it was
like one of the only ones grandfather didn’t and he’s getting allowed to put a sea wall in addition to so it’s super
controversial the neighbors have pushed back on it but they’re able able to
make certain moves that are untraditional due to his position to
protect his particular asset so he does have they do have concerns about the erosion at that location
okay counter there is a counter factual thank you Ashley thank you for the for the and that Connor Thank You Obama’s
got to see well well Dylan there’s a there’s a there’s a mark there’s a mark in favor of it uh not in favor but
there’s a a mark indicating a uh climate change is coming anybody else want to come in it’s all about who you it’s all
about who you know right you can do whatever you want the right people Google you’re gonna buy ocean friend just get better connections
um I just wanted to comment like there’s also other possible future solutions that
people are going to develop to kind of alleviate this problem I mean
um hesitant to speak on this because I’m certainly not an expert but in one of the properties that I was dealing with I
mean there’s been a proposal to create some kind of bio Reef that grows coral and floats out
in the bay and would kind of not only enhance the Coral population
but reduce the impact of the Waves directly on the shore I mean so there’s
opportunity for Innovation and Beach renourishment and I mean more
creativity and how to solve this problem instead of just I mean assuming Doom and
Gloom but I mean it’s anybody buying an oceanfront property has to be fully aware of you know they’re right by the
ocean obviously that could be you know a danger
excellent point Heidi excellent point look The Human Condition is we have uh 10 000 years of history of humans
picking up and moving and or making things happen and that is the that is the great success of the human spirit I
mean uh what’s the country for everybody there’s a country is it uh uh the Dutch
uh what country is that whatever not Dutchland but Dutch Holland thank you
um Holland is famous right Holland has done like you know a massive amount of uh Reclamation I believe if I’m not
mistaken the the airport in Holland famously is under what used to be
underwater and it’s it’s been reclaimed land so The Human Condition is all about engineering and making the world uh work
the way that that we want it to so having a reef yeah that’s that’s a possibility all right hey I’ve got a
couple Let’s see we had a couple comments but first I wanted to do this you’re all probably you’re all probably wondering okay so
hey let’s do this real quick guess so let’s go uh let’s go Ashley then Heidi and then Dylan give me your guess of the
number one place just for the fun of it what do you think what do you think is the number one place where locals move to Ashley then Heidi and then Dylan
well the ninth island of course Vegas okay I know okay Vegas okay I do
have a second one if no one says it go ahead Seattle Seattle okay Heidi
my guess would be California and then the ninth Island Vegas California
tonight okay Dylan you know it’s I did a video on this and I have a I don’t know
if we were you looking at the same website that I did the video on my head we’re gonna find out in a minute
yeah there’s a census there’s a census website that shows you exactly what county people are moving to and and it
was um Vegas California Oregon Washington it was mostly West Coast cities but there
was like some random one in like North Carolina or something that had a really high percentage um but
yes it is it is interesting where they go it is interesting okay so this one is uh this one is according to the 2019
American Community survey uh that was added to the Hawaii state data book in

  1. so here’s here’s the places number one California
    uh 11 uh 12 000 people moved from Hawaii to California number two Texas uh seven
    thousand people moved from Hawaii to Texas third Washington uh 5 800 people uh Nevada is like Donna
    number six so we’re all thinking ninth Island everyone moves to Vegas because we all hear about family who moves to Vegas right everyone here everyone here
    has heard about family members that moved to Vegas but no uh it’s it’s it’s California California Texas and
    Washington so Heather mentioned I believe uh Heather mentioned Washington so uh are you surprised gang what do you
    think is that is that a shock to you do you think there’s something kind of weird about that it’s California Texas and Washington State so uh so there you
    go uh let’s see we had a couple comments over here and and and a funny question uh I want to assist a comment on this so
    so Michelle Michelle cook a bunch of properties that just fell into the ocean yes in Florida you know from a hurricane well you know her you know
    natural disasters yeah we don’t we had a segment long ago about like why you may not want to be a beachfront property and
    that that would that would be one of them uh uh flood insurance is cap is 250k so it wouldn’t help on notion for
    update no it would not all right hey uh we’re gonna move on but I want to get Paul uh Paul Paul said A funny question
    so let’s let’s go there because hey it’s ask us anything right you got any questions pop it in the comments we’ll
    do our best to to respond Paul says what do people prefer to drink so what do you what’s your favorite drink and and
    Paul’s thinking Peter wants martinis uh Ashley only drinks pure spring water Dylan enjoys beer and Heidi can knock
    back rot gut whiskey like a Norwegian like a Norwegian Lumberjack oh my God
    thank you thank you Paul for the for for the big lull it might be the best comment ever that might be the best
    question ever yes best question ever best accurate for me
    all right let’s go counterclockwise Dylan then Heidi handed and then Ashley
    who’s drinking her Spring Water right now uh Dylan what’s your favorite drink oh yeah I I love craft beer like like
    not you know not brand name I mean I love to go to different places and and go to there are small breweries and
    stuff like that so yes all right craft beer all right Heidi what about you well it’s not rat got whiskey I’m sorry
    to disappoint you uh I I’m more I love beer and wine
    um I don’t really drink hard liquor that often okay beer and one girl actually how
    about you I love me some water alkaline water
    but if I do have drinks it is a good whiskey or a good bourbon or something but I have nasal polyps so alcohol makes
    it all inflamed so that’s why I drink a lot of water man Paul Paul’s got two out of two out
    of four here uh I myself am a bourbon Drinker now a preferably preferably the
    Costco whatever Costco selling it what whatever the Kirkland brand is I’m buying that so uh Paul uh Costco
    actually had a I was shocked to find out Paul uh Costco hey everybody if you all bourbon drinkers Costco’s got this great
    at least in Hawaii Costco’s got this great um single barrel uh short run 120 proof
    Bourbon and it is really good and it’s only thirty dollars so normally you pay like a hundred bucks for this kind of thing and at Costco Kirkland man 30
    bucks so there you go Paul shocked uh you were close on the martini I suppose but uh so there you go
    um and uh I’m in hey Jason said hey I’m in Asheville for for work Dylan and there are hundreds of breweries here
    well there you go now now you know where to go on uh on your next pay cake and uh auntie Joyce to the California’s crazy
    move to me I got Texas right yeah you know friends family who knows right well here’s here’s a guess why would
    California be so big here’s a guess the Guess would be that a lot of people have moved here from California and a lot of
    those folks are moving back now maybe if they maybe if there was a survey to to say which locally born you know where do
    locally born families go I’d say Vegas 100 100 of the the locally born times go
    to Vegas but that’s just a guess all right um all right gang let’s let’s move it is
    time to move on we’re almost at that at that point hey first first gang I want to tell you the uh where if you’re not
    registered get The Islander we’re going to have our next cohort is going to start in January of 2023 if
    moving to Hawaii is your dream and you want to go through it the right way and be involved with a great group of people
    the alumni are on this show uh it’s the it’s a fantastic group actually uh you
    want to be part of The Islander go there and register uh get yourself started all right
    um I think I got everything I think I got everybody’s uh comments if you have a we’re gonna move on if you have a
    question uh and even even if it’s a it’s an ask us anything question even if it’s like what’s your favorite drink that’s
    good but uh send us your question pop in in the comments I did want to chat about this and we’ll see how this is this is
    going to go um I did want to talk about elections in Hawaii versus the mainland I don’t we’re not going to talk about
    politics because I really I’m like I’m not into that anymore
    um not fun but I did Heather had brought this up actually Heather had made a comment on on on The Islander Ohana we
    have a private Facebook group and she made a comment about this about how the elections in Hawaii how it how how Hawaii is is not as crazy it doesn’t
    seem as crazy here as the mainland the Hawaii’s got a different vibe and even though uh politically we’re about as
    deep a blue State as you can be there is a different vibe here uh we like one of
    the things for example um that I’ve noticed um is that we don’t have because there’s
    no no competition here for blue versus red of Republicans versus Democrats there’s not hardly any political ads
    here there’s no political ads there’s no political sort of acrimony because we’re kind of a one color State
    um so I would like to kind of ask and Everyone by the way I want to ask it to everyone not just to Ashley and Heidi
    and Dylan but also to you who are watching especially Islander Ohana members that have just moved to Hawaii
    what do you see how what’s your sense of kind of like how is Hawaii different polit and the political climate
    political climate around election time uh that you sense uh that’s different
    here from the mainland Dylan I’m gonna go to you because you’ve got a way back in a previous life you had a political
    background you you’d be the the authoritative Source here what’s what’s your sense of how Hawaii is different on
    a political uh elections wise how is that different here well mainly because there’s no
    competition that’s results in a lack of activity and the thing that ultimately
    that results is in very low participation right so if you look in this last election there was 861 people
    registered to vote there’s probably a million eligible voters in the state of Hawaii you know somewhere around there
    we’ve got 1.4 total um in the state so out of them you know about eight you know 86 register to vote
    and then out of those people there was 417 thousand voters in this general election
    which is only 48 of the registered voters so very very low
    um participation in terms of the people that that vote but that’s mainly because there’s not a lot to vote for right it’s
    it’s in most districts um the the elections are not competitive or there’s
    not a lot of activity so I don’t know it’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy unfortunately you know people I think a
    lot of people have said that’s never it’s never going to change so they don’t get involved and if you don’t get involved things never going to change and so it’s it’s interesting it feels
    like there is a lot of um you know people I guess I’m because of my background people love to complain
    to me about politics but it’s like you know there’s no point in complaining unless you do something about it I don’t I don’t I don’t understand that because
    most people complain but but not vote or not being engaged but an interesting thing so take away from this election
    is if there’s one thing to kind of take away uh Republicans won seats for the
    first time in a while like increase the numbers in the state house and they’ve won a second seat in a state senate so that was going to be two State Senators
    but if you look at where that happened that’s what’s interesting is you don’t already look at the politics of it you look at where it’s happening all of the
    new house seats that were won four new house seats that were won by Republicans are all on the west
    um and Central parts of the island which is where young families are middle class people are
    um kind of kind of counter-intuitive to the general National political um narrative right where young people
    are more democratic and older people are more Republican it seems like in Hawaii and I’ve had this theory for many many
    years that that um young people are going to grow up and see that you know stuff is not the way it’s not ideal for
    for them and their families and they’re gonna naturally vote against the people in power right regardless of kind of
    what your ideologies are that’s a lot of times what happens and so we’re seeing that it’s very interesting we have a
    beach Waianae you know why and I of all places um is voting Republican which is crazy
    you know I mean that’s if you if you’re from Hawaii it’s like it’s it’s a totally counter-intuitive thing very
    local very Hawaiian like not the place that you would think that would be a republican stronghold and those are the
    areas that are trending in that direction so I don’t know if balance is coming I think balance is always better competition is always better but very
    low participation is really the the big takeaway and the what results and what we have
    yeah that that is an interesting thing uh Joan uh Joan who just moved here says hey it doesn’t seem as Cutthroat in your
    face yeah that’s it it’s not as Cutthroat in your face although it was obvious to me who had the big money behind them yes
    um it’s very very clear and to Dylan’s Point um because there’s not a whole lot of competition there’s no there’s no need to be Cutthroat because No One’s Gonna
    Lose uh you know uh per per se and those those little races and and what you
    missed on it you know to that comment is maybe you weren’t paying attention but if you watch the primaries the primaries
    are nasty because that’s where the elections are won right so the primaries amongst Democrats are very hard fought
    and and there’s a lot there’s actually way more advertising than primary than there is in the general election because once you win the primary if you’re a Democrat you’re almost 99 sure you’re
    going to win the general election so that’s when if you want to see more of the the internal politics you see some really nasty stuff happening in the
    primaries here yeah yeah definitely um excellent uh uh Heidi Ashley is there anything again you
    guys want to add to this you know how do you sense you know from what you talk to or what or what you hear what what do
    you think is what how do you feel there’s a difference in Hawaii during election time uh that that differs from the mainland experience
    I mean my only
    wrote and most politicians in Illinois end up in prison
    it’s a little bit more Aloha here I mean I don’t think culture really I mean a TV
    ad where a politician was just railing on somebody else and putting
    them down would be something that would really be accepted um so I haven’t really seen that
    um a big issue on Maui is affordable housing I mean everybody’s for affordable housing but then it’s
    articulating you know what exactly does that mean um so yeah I I would say unfortunately
    low participation I think our voter turnouts around 34 here
    um and not a lot of competition but it means there is opportunity for people
    that live here and do want to get involved um so yeah I I admire people
    people County Council and do serve in that way because I I know it’s not an easy job so I I do admire and appreciate
    you know what’s what’s what’s remarkable to me Heidi is that the um uh the the
    participation rate uh the voter participation rate is you know like Dylan mentioned well you said 34 Malibu
    40 Statewide I mean that’s and to me the what’s amazing about that statistic and
    maybe it’s another question that we could have if we have any time is we’re an all mail-in ballot state so that
    means everyone gets these ballots mailed to them right I mean these these these things you know show up in every single
    registered voter’s mailbox so you’ve got them in your house and all you got to do is Mark it up lick and pop it back in
    the in in in the mailbox right so if we’re not if we’re getting a 40 participation rate of that that really
    tells you that people like I don’t care I just don’t care and you know there was some bumper sticker Dylan you might
    remember this but a long time ago there was a bumper sticker which is it it was spelled in a kind of a strange way was I
    no care a-i-n-a-n-o whatever I know care which is like local slang for saying I don’t
    care I don’t care right I know que which is I don’t care and that was a bumper
    sticker a bumper sticker that was popular so I know Ashley how about you what’s your what’s your uh what would
    you like to add to this I’ve honestly lived in Hawaii my entire adult life so I don’t recall and have
    any you know nothing to compare to that I can reference but I do think that
    there is in my opinion at least here on Oahu that we have a a strong Asian
    demographic and they just have a little bit different of a temperament than maybe where I’m from which is New
    Hampshire and Massachusetts in general so less aggression and something else that I do notice when I go back home on
    the mainland is we don’t have TVs everywhere with um ads and commercials on all the time
    like in doctors offices and waiting rooms even at my mechanics
    um you know I don’t really see a lot of TV or ads and stuff like that so we don’t get as much exposure I think
    we just have a lot more outdoor life available to us here so people just have distractions
    um and I think also we are just such a blue state so if you are
    you know have any type of opposing view you already do feel pretty defeated and you don’t feel like you can make a
    difference yeah that’s that’s an interesting point but hey you know if uh uh if there was a
    red a a buy percentage uh uh Dylan Hawaii had a red tsunami we we doubled
    the size of the we had a hundred percent increase of Republicans in the Senate we went from one to two uh and you know so
    it was a red tsunami in in Hawaii by and a 33 increase in the house and uh 33
    increase health which is like we blew away the we blew away the national standards not not we but Hawaii
    Republicans blew away the national standards by by a wide March so there you go all right let’s let’s move on
    gang it’s time to to hit our diamonds and by the way so once again well there is a question real quick I do want to uh
    so don’t want to thank you for uh kanaka for recently our units with nuc allowed
    to run daily on Airbnb or forced to do a 30-day minimum I don’t know what nuc means Ashley can you take that do you
    know what what she’s what she’s asking for here I don’t know what nuc is either okay
    okay um she may mean ncu non-conforming use right non-conforming use permit I
    mean that’s I’m guessing I will I will say even if condos I’m not sure if this answers the question but even if you’re
    in a resort Zone per se you still do have your 30-day minimum requirement and
    perhaps that’s what she means by non-conform and and I’m not sure if you’re aware but non-conforming use
    permits they have to be renewed every year I believe and a lot of people don’t renew those so they think that they have
    those permits in place but if you look them up um they’re actually expired
    so she does mean ncu non-conforming units and a non-conforming unit is what a unit a non-conforming use
    so you’re using it you’re using it you know outside the con conforming zoning
    got it got it outside the conforming zoning so okay so so back to that same rule again the uh actually correct me if
    I’m wrong on Oahu you have to if you’re not in a resort uh zoned area you’re
    you’ve got at least the 30-day minimum if not more if you’re in a resort owned area I don’t think I’m not too sure what
    it’s still 30 days of like if you have a condo in Waikiki
    and a lot of them do have the stipulations um but the co-ops those are we just
    contact every Association Management company for all the co-ops and anything that is Resort Zone and just ask if they
    have any um ccnars that would stipulate for anything less than 30 days
    right got it all right kanaka hope that hope that hope that that clarifies all right gang let’s let’s move on it’s time
    for diamonds and Deals um I we here’s where we we highlight the properties that that we that we wanna uh that are
    that excite us either they’re diamonds or their deals or a little bit of both uh let’s let’s see who’s up first over
    here Heidi what do we got here in Kula Maui so this is a single level home
    three-bedroom two-bath um completely remodeled in 2016. it has
    ocean views um 855 square feet of Lanai of outdoor
    space and a finished attic and a two-car garage with storage there’s avocado
    banana mango guava lemon lime sour orange and
    tangerine trees on the property so um I thought it was a pretty amazing
    offering for one three nine eight um up in Kula just came on the market yesterday
    man I just love the idea of having all those fruit trees in in your backyard I guess I love the idea of the fruit trees
    I don’t know if I love the maintenance of the fruit trees but I certainly love the idea of the fruit trees and great great views excellent excellent thanks
    Heidi uh let’s see what’s up next we got uh uh Hooke Street in my ili uh Oahu
    actually fill us in I put this one up because I felt like it was a deal it’s 629 000. I feel like
    it’s a great entry level home and you’re right by maili the beach park and you’ve got the pillbox hike right above I’m not
    sure if you can see right above Oahu you see those boxes up there that’s a hike you have sea country in the back which
    has a cute little convenience store and it’s got a big large mango tree in the
    back low maintenance yard fully gated an extra large carport with storage it’s a
    corner lot has you can also park on the other side of it as well so you’ve got
    like side parking and it’s a good Street there’s it’s quiet neighbors and I just
    feel like this is such a diamond for just over 600 000 single family home and it’s got all new drywall insulation
    double pane windows it has new electric wiring like everything is new so you don’t have to maintain really much
    I thought it was a total diamond I I it’s it’s a diamond it’s a diamond and a deal of at that price that’s
    that’s great how would you how would you respond to someone saying hey how is this how would you fit this in in this area for a a malihini a newcomer who
    who’s just moved to Oahu would this be how would you how would you how would you respond if they ask about
    hey how’s this how’s this area for me to move into well it’s west side right so with West
    Side you have a large local demographic and you need to have and live with Aloha
    you don’t come through and act entitled if you’re loving to the name your neighbors then they’re pretty loving
    back as far as you know being acceptable to the different cultural differences I
    just say be be aware and be conscious there is it is predominantly local
    family sea country is heavily like the road right behind it that’s heavy heavy
    military there’s a large military presence on the west side and the prefab developed homes this is in prefab
    developed so you don’t have that maintenance fee in the association fees and a lot of families like that because they don’t want the additional you know
    monthly cost there is homeless in Waianae there is actually a homeless
    person on the street so you’ve just got to be aware and okay but I also had a
    homeless person outside my anaheina home for under 2 million so
    pick your poison pick your poison look I think look and in look and in
    general you’ve got to get in and this is what The Islander Ohana course that we go through all all talks about you’ve
    got to get in with the local way you have to fundamentally transform yourself and fundamentally Embrace Hawaiian
    Hawaiian and local values and we’ve talked about this on on the show before and this is all the much more so uh if
    you can be fine but man it is that is a deal there’s no doubt about that and it’s right by the ocean can’t can’t beat it thank you Ashley all right uh Dylan
    what do we got over here now this this just hit the market the um
    the the view picture doesn’t do it justice I mean it’s got this ridiculously huge view looking down into
    Kailua Bay this is around a thousand feet of elevation somewhere so nice and cool
    um but cool like Spanish villa kind of feeling property where you can kind of see that overhead view where um there’s
    a separate area where with two separate bedrooms separate bathrooms so if you wanted to do like a hosted rental type
    thing or you had um extended family living with you it’s five bedrooms five baths every bedroom has its own bathroom
    and four of the bedrooms are completely separate entrances it comes there’s a courtyard in the Middle with a pool you
    can see from that overhead or that top picture on the left and so that’s kind of the central area of the home and then
    all of the the bedrooms and living area are surrounding it so just cool design um for one three nine you get 20 000
    square feet of land so almost a half acre of land in a in a great old older neighborhood with just ridiculous views
    so just definitely a diamond and and a deal uh that that is an amazing I mean I keep
    thinking about that you said four the bedrooms have their own entryways I mean that’s I man I don’t know if that’s either a crazy vacation rental if you
    could do it like it’s almost like a hotel like a like a like a like like a bread and bread and bread bed and
    breakfast yeah Heather thinks so Dylan I know what your take is oops I know what your take is on that and
    well that’s that’s a big advantage in something like this is on the big island if it’s a hosted rental hosted meaning
    you know you could live in the house there’s no regulation on how you how you short-term rent at that point so you
    could live in the main section of the house which is where the living room and the kitchen is out in the master bedroom and then there’s four other bedrooms
    that are completely separate and have completely their own bathrooms two of them have wet bars you know so really
    set up for something like that if that’s if that’s something you wanted to host if that’s something on the host that’s like a little basis it’s a four it’s a
    four room Hotel essentially it’s a four-room hotel that you could if you if you can handle the if you can handle
    being a host uh it is the the confirm but anyway regardless that’s that’s an amazing property what is that in the is
    that a valley that’s behind the Lanai there is that it looks like it’s is that
    a beach or Oh no you’re looking you’re looking right down into Bay so you can see the pier and all of Kailua Tom so
    that’s often the distance it’s the old airport um beach park and stuff killer killer View
    this is a keho marker so it’s like above um the careful shopping center and stuff
    and then looking down towards the north that Northwestern View
    hey uh well uh somebody who’s who’s uh who’s jealous about this is is Chris so
    uh Dylan I uh auntie Joyce yeah you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to do do the up it’s time for for an upgrade
    their uh anti-joice time for an upgrade their view is pretty good too their view is pretty good too so it’s not too much
    to be desired for there you go that there you go good to know all right gang it’s it’s time to it’s time to wrap this
    up so we’re gonna go into uh the closing motivational thoughts and hey uh I’d like to hear we’re gonna hear from uh
    your your team here but I want to hear from you if you’ve got any popular favorite closing motivational thoughts
    you folks that have been here before with us you know what this is pop your best I’d like to pop in it I’d like to kind of show them in in the comments
    what what motivates you and uh and and why uh okay let’s let’s go down the go
    down the road here and then gonna start with Dylan Dylan what is it and what does it mean to you I guess this is also in honor of
    Veterans Day but this is this is the biggest takeaway I’ve had in life you know after serving in the military is
    every day you don’t get shot at is a good day so it’s all about perspective right and no matter what happens in your
    life and what’s going on at work or the stresses that you know of life I always come back to nobody shot at me today so
    I had a great day man that’s a that’s a great standard you know Dylan that’s I I have to keep that
    in mind you know if I wish I would have known that when my kids were younger it’s like did you get shot then you got a good day you know you had nothing to
    to complain about Norms Norm’s happy Norm said hey I just caught the last 15 minutes uh I was getting our home ready
    for the market I’m looking for the great shot Norm you’re very welcome what makes it great is the people that are with us
    uh both the are amazing co-hosts and uh and of course the the rest of the Ohana
    thank you Norm um okay I love I love the standard though I gotta tell you that I love the
    standard uh let’s see here Heidi what’s the what’s your code and what does it mean to you
    so this is more of a blessing um May there always be Trade Winds behind
    you rainbows above you and Aloha all around you that is my send-off thought just wishing
    everybody well that is that is beautiful that makes me think of like a it’s like a takeoff on
    the Irish made the wind always be at at your back but this is like the Hawaiian version of that I love that excellent
    excellent uh anti-anti uh Joan is uh is chiming in here leaps of Faith put us in
    astounding new places excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent and uh
    uh auntie Joyce loves the Friday show Happy Thanksgiving to all yeah Happy Thanksgiving to you uh excellent thank
    you Heidi uh all right Ashley oh great let’s let’s hear it
    I mean where focus goes energy flows so if you’re focused on being happy and
    finding the positives or you’re focused on a dream or an ambition then you you
    start to to flow in that direction but if you’re focused on politics or focused on negativity you just start to feel the
    Bears of Life sort of fall upon you so I always love this Mantra I have a sticky
    note you know as we go out the door where our focus goes our energy flows so that my daughter stays positive
    um I I think that write it on your bathroom mirror don’t
    forget it smile often that is a that is an excellent one there’s there’s a there is
    a Hawaiian shamanic tradition that has that thing in slightly different wording it says uh energy flows where attention
    goes but it’s the same exact thing just said in a different way that is absolutely true uh what are you focusing
    on uh focus on not getting shot and you’re going to be good that’s that’s the way I’m I’m kind of seeing this though I love Dylan’s theme throughout
    the day but thanks for for bringing us to to Veterans Day Dylan and reminding
    us and wearing the attire and everything that’s
    what it’s all about X I couldn’t agree more uh Heidi loves uh Heather loves loves your quote Heidi it is a it is a
    beautiful quote actually really I’ve not seen that before it’s a fantastic one uh and uh Christian is giving us sending uh
    their Aloha to us which is uh we’re happy about all right I’m gonna close my with my with my favorite my favorite book in the world Proverbs uh better to
    be poor and walk in Integrity than to be crooked in one’s ways even though Rich
    it’s not about the money it’s about the Integrity right it’s about the focus if I could blend everybody’s thing over
    here it’s about the focus uh it’s about uh where your energy goes it’s about having Aloha all around you and most of
    all uh not getting shot so hey gang uh look it’s been it’s been a great show as usual uh we’re gonna go counterclockwise
    say goodbye everybody Dylan then Heidi and then Ashley oh you know what let’s go up to I want Dylan to have the last word as the veteran so I’ll say goodbye
    say goodbye I’m gonna say goodbye everybody then Ashley then then Heidi and then Dylan you wrap it up on Veterans Day go ahead actually
    Aloha all have a blessed day and thank you for having me Aloha everybody have a great weekend
    hello everybody have an awesome long weekend awesome Mom we can see you all in two weeks aloha