What new home developments are around Maui?

Scott from Texas asks:

First, we really enjoy the Aloha Friday show! We learn something new each show from Peter and the real estate experts!

My wife and I will be retiring in mid-2022 (both early 60’s) and dream of moving to Maui where we have enjoyed visiting the past 35 years. We prefer a single-family home, low to no maintenance, and newer (if possible). This will be our primary residence but we anticipate traveling for approximately five months per year. We prefer not to exceed $1.5M and the purchase will be a cash transaction.
What are your thoughts on Hokulani Golf Villas? The floorplans, square footage, pricing and golf course seem to fit with our wish list.

Do you know of any new construction projects coming up within the next 1-3 years that we should put on our radar?

We love the Hawaiian culture, people, and history. What kind of advice can you give that would allow us to be accepted into the Hawaiian community as seamlessly as possible? Various volunteering activities in the community and through church come to mind. Are we on the right track?


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