Our goal on this special show was to share and heal. There was so much discussed. Click any link and go directly to that segment

Aloha Lahaina 8/18/2023
Show purpose
Heidi from Maui
Audience feedback 1
Dylan from Big Island
Aloha Spirit in Action
Ashliey from Oahu
How do people move forward?
Toxicity in Lahaina?
How fire so quickly?
Governor Green Day 9 update
111 fatalities
Banyan tree lives!
Moratorium on Property Sales
Honolulu rent restriction suspended
Blame Games Begin
My friends lost their homes
Long-time Lahaina Business lost
Donate through Costco?
People’s need who lost homes?
Trusted orgs you can donate to
Witness fire down the street
Recent new housing all gone
Housing shortage impact
Hazardous materials thwart recovery
Lahaina is no more
Conflicted feelings on islands
A 9/11 event for Hawaii
Maui Divers Jewelry donated $1.3M
Focus on finding missing persons
Most of Maui is OK
Fires on Maui Still Burning
Are fires normal for this time of year?
What caused this fire?
Audience feedback 2
Why Sirens Never Aired?
Looking back and pointing fingers
Are we really prepared for emergencies?
Child fatalities
Deady combination of causes
Unscrupulous Buyers Coming?
Maui Tourism long term?
Moratorium solution?
Distressed Seller Advice
Worries over tourism in Maui
Investor interest in Lahaina
Can we rebuild over toxins
Did electricity shut down?
Cell services down
Audience feedback 3
Move forward with care and compassion
How can you help?
Maui Kokua (help)
Facilitating housing options
Oahu assistance for Maui victims
Assisting Lahaina homeowners
Closing Motivational Thoughts
We heal in community
Our best days are ahead
God is our refuge and strength
Heidi’s close and aloha