All about Hawaii homeowners insurance in lava, flood, and hurricane zones

We get lots of questions on this topic and we rounded them all up in this video.

Jaime from Cleveland, Ohio asked:

I know RE is cheaper in cities like Pahoa on the Big Island. #1. Is it really dangerous to live in volcano zones? There was no casualties during the last eruption about a year or so ago. I think lava moves slowly down the mountain. #2. Can you get housing insurance in those areas and is it expensive?

Sara from Montpelier, Vermont asked:

If a property is located in an officially designated tsunami zone, does that affect property insurance?

Phuong from Los Angeles asked:

Is home insurance high in Honolulu, Hi due to volcanos?

This short clip came from our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show which goes live every other Friday on our Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel or our Living in Hawaii Facebook page

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