4/9/2020 daily COVID19 Hawaii charts update:

Celebrate a victory! Big moves in the right direction today!

(Keep in mind – I’m not questioning the numbers from DOH/Global sites, just copying them.  So they may be wrong and if there is something to add please put it in the comments.

Today it really felt like Christmas to discover that we only had 7 new cases, the lowest % ever and lowest absolute number since 3/15.  We also had a big spike in released from isolation, bringing a sharp decrease in total active cases (either isolation or hospitalization). 

Hospitalization is holding steady at 42 and deaths sadly had a +1. 

My personal opinion: it feels that what we’re doing is working. The curve is coming down. Now our challenge will soon be to property transition back without triggering a 2nd outbreak. 

But for today, breath a sigh of relief and don’t let up on what you’ve been doing. 

All suggestions and commentary is welcome!  

Total Cases:442
Current Growth Rate:1.6%
3 Day Average Growth Rate:4.5%
Current Home Isolation:149
Current Hospitalization:42