I just posted a fairly comprehensive article about getting employed in Hawaii here.

Employment in the islands is easy for some and much more difficult for others. I didn’t have much of a problem, being in the IT and marketing spaces. Others I know were hired faster than I was. If you’re planning on working retail or in a restaurant, you’ll probably be hired quickly on Oahu and struggle on the other islands. Locals will stay in their positions for a very long time without changing. There isn’t that much turnover on an island like Maui. I had a number of readers at the site here email me and say they had a very tough time (impossible) to get jobs in the restaurants on Maui.

Be optimistic, but be realistic. You’ve got to have a backup plan. You have to have extra money that you don’t think you’re going to spend, because many of you will be spending that too if you want to remain in the islands and find a job before packing it all in and going back to where you came from.

Getting a job in Hawaii might take you less than a week. It might take you a year. I had a friend on Oahu that tried for six months, blew through tons of money he had saved, and then finally took a job he didn’t want at all, just so he could stay in Hawaii. Probably would have been better off coming with the expectation that he’ll have to get something he doesn’t like FIRST, then get something better later as he finds it and as more companies are willing to hire him because he has some time on-island.

He could have saved himself $20,000 USD or so.

My best advice, or, my first advice, is to adjust your expectations about living in Hawaii and finding a job. The job you get at first will probably not be the perfect one. That’s OK, change later.

The home you find at first might not be the perfect one. That’s OK, change later.

The boyfriend you….

Just kidding.

Go read the article if you have any interest in living in Hawaii: Employment in Hawaii.