Craigslist Hawaii is a very useful resource for anyone attempting to find employment in the Hawaiian Islands. Personally, I prefer it to other job finding methods like knocking on doors, applying at the Hawaii state and federal offices, or cruising online job boards. There is nothing that has more bang for the buck than Craigslist because it helps you so effortlessly and quickly.

Here are 3 ways I use Craigslist to find jobs. Use them too because finding a job in Hawaii is not getting any easier. This year I have had more people write to tell me they moved to Hawaii and couldn’t find a job, and now moved back home or moved on to some other place because they couldn’t make it work in Hawaii. Don’t let that be you. Use everything you are aware of to help you get a job and don’t leave it to chance. Those that put the work in – will get jobs in Hawaii. Those that don’t, will be right back where they started.

1. RSS feeds for Craigslist (sounds complicated, it’s super easy.)

2. Browse through ALL jobs, not just the category that fits you.

3. Post your resume for others to see you.