One function Craigslist Hawaii and all the Craigslist locations have is the Resume option.

You can upload your resume, in txt or with basic HTML formatting, to their site with the link below:

Resume section of Craigslist Hawaii

The Resume link isn’t very visible on the page of some computers because it is at the very bottom of the category listings. Scroll down the page to find it.

Using the resume option is a good idea for a number of reasons, primarily because recruiters scan the section automatically and contact people that might fit jobs they have. If you have a website, a facebook account, a tumblr account or any other online tool you can use, post your text-based resume there too so the search engines will pick it up. Employers looking to hire in Hawaii could be searching on specific keywords that will bring you up in a search. I’ve had it happen.

Recruiters in Hawaii have good and bad points.

The good thing about going with a recruiter is they usually have high-end jobs that pay a decent commission. They have some of the best positions in Hawaii.

One bad thing about using recruiters is they often just throw out a bunch of spam emails to everyone on their list to see if anyone might fit the bill.

Still, using the Resume section of Craigslist is a resource you shouldn’t overlook. Finding a job in the islands is becoming more difficult over time. Those that stick it out and do the groundwork will be rewarded with jobs more often than those that do not. If you really want to stay in Hawaii and make a go at life here, you have to do the work. No way around it.

Here are two other ways to use Craigslist to help you find employment in Hawaii:

RSS feeds for Craigslist

Search ALL Jobs at Craigslist