Will Hawaii Legalize Pot in 2019?

Ten years ago, thirty, fifty, a hundred, or just five years ago if you asked 10,000 U.S. citizens which state would be most likely to legalize marijuana first – what do you think the significant majority would choose?


It couldn’t be any other. I’d have said California, because they’re an open-minded state, but there are just too many millions of people in California to say they would legalize it first. It would take too much lobbying and arguments about it. Cities like Los Angeles would fear their entire populace not only producing nothing, but not caring about it either. Do you know how many people in L.A. are smoking pot on a daily basis? It’s frightening, and pot is about the least frightening drug on the planet.

Can you imagine that Colorado and Washington State have legalized budz already and Hawaii wasn’t even in the running for 2016? What the hell is going on here? If there was some fear of a negative reaction over being the first state, or even in the first group of states to legalize pot – that’s over. There are now four states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington) that have legalized smoking marijuana for personal consumption whether or not you qualify for medical marijuana or not.

Hawaii legalized medical marijuana already, but come on. How many people out of the million plus residents in the islands are benefitting from that?

Do you know how many people smoke pot in Hawaii on a daily basis? Even multiple times per day? I’d say damn near everyone. When I lived on Oahu and Maui most recently, I’d say that everyone I knew except 3 people – smoked pot daily. I was one, my wife was another, and the one boss I had for a short time was another one. That’s it. Everyone else was smoking it, and/or selling it.

Marijuana use in Hawaii is the same as it is in Jamaica. Really, the state was built on copious amounts of budz being grown in everyone’s backyard and forest plantations since the first seeds found their way into Hawaii’s oh-so-fertile dirt. Marijuana came from the area around Mongolia and Siberia about 12,000 years ago. It has been legal in most countries as a pain reliever for tooth extraction and other maladies from Day 1. It’s bizarre that Hawaiian locals cannot smoke pot legally – it’s outrageous really. Where the hell are the politicians that want to save their asses from getting canned in 2017?

Marijuana came across the planet the long way to reach Hawaii. It probably didn’t grace the Hawaiian Islands with its presence until sometime after 1920. By 1930 a lot of States had made it illegal. Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959, so it either became illegal at that time, or maybe it was already just prior. Not sure. Anybody know that info?

I’m sure Hawaii is the state with more people smoking pot per capita than anywhere else in the USA. Probably more than any other state in any other country or territory in the world as well.

It’s time to make it happen.

Doesn’t anybody on the island VOTE?

Drop-kick these clowns and put someone in office who cares what is going on.

Meanwhile, these states are probably going to legalize marijuana while Hawaiian legislators sit on their thumbs: Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island. and Vermont. That will make it eleven states that are running circles around Hawaii on this issue. It’s ridiculous and appalling.

Personally, I don’t have a horse in the race. I don’t smoke the stuff. Tried it a couple times, had a horrible experience once, a non-event the second, and a good time the third. Still, it’s nothing that seemed like it was worth it to me. I’m laid back and having fun most of the time anyway. I have one beer every few days and that’s enough for me to help me sleep and relax after working all day on the computer. Having one now in fact. ;)

What I don’t really understand is, where are the politicians who are going to make Hawaii a better place for locals?

That’s what I don’t get. I don’t see fcuk-all happening, I just see locals getting less and less. I see them getting more and more desperate. I see them hating the idea that they’re part of the United States at all. Forget the fact that the islands would have been taken over anyway by Russia, China, or someone else with a million person army. It’s just not feasible to think that Hawaii can be a place that isn’t controlled by a major power. It’s in much too strategic a position between North America and Asia. It’s in a great place to make it a paradise, but also a place which is irresistible for militaries of the world.


Is there anyone out there with half-a-brain that can govern the islands and make a seemingly never-ending stream of positive changes? Please. Someone step up to the plate.

Ideally, we need a smart native Hawaiian who doesn’t take any shit. He or she is suave and says things in a way that offends people little, and just gets shit done day after day. We need a local who MOVES MOUNTAINS, not someone who continues the status quo and keeps on – business as usual.

I don’t see how politicians are able to drag their feet on this. It must be that locals just aren’t showing that they care about the issue.

If you care about it – where are you? What are you doing to change it? I mean, I care a little bit – and I just sat here and wrote this article, sourced an image, bought another one, and found some facts for the last hour. If you live in the islands and care about the issue – did you do anything to make it happen in 2016?

I think maybe that’s the thing. People expect someone else to do it. They expect it will ‘just happen.’

Maybe Hawaii is like it is because residents just don’t give a shit.

Nah, that couldn’t be it.

There is still time to do something. Give those in government living off your income a swift kick in the ass in 2016.

Start getting shit done for Hawaii. Start making your presence known, heard, and felt so they can’t ignore you any longer.

PHEW! How is that for aiming for awesome? lol… Here is another article I wrote on the topic, less salty.

Article written by Vern Lovic and opinions are his alone