The other day when I was looking up hiking on Kauai, Hawaii this video popped into my field of view on Youtube. Initially I thought, yeah sure – scariest trail.

Then I watched it.

This hiking “trail” has got to be the most dangerous I’ve ever seen – and, most of it is concrete trail. That is, where the concrete hasn’t just fallen apart and down the side of the mountain leaving the metal bar framework to walk on!

In Hawaii we have some trails that are slippery and a bit hairy, I wouldn’t call them hairy scary though.

Don’t miss at 5:51 where he walks toe-to-heel over the beam.

A must-see video for anyone that hikes because as the hiker goes on, you’ll question yourself and whether you would keep going. I’d have to see it live before deciding if I’d do it.

Hairy Scary Hiking Video:

Would you hike this trail?