If you’re on Oahu and you go shopping – bring your own bag or pay $0.15 (as of 2019) per bag used. We call it the “Bag Tax” and right now I’m going against my strong urges to go on a rant about why this either is a good idea or a terrible idea (see? we’re just not going into politics here!) and instead just tell you how I deal with it:  I’ll usually bring a bag when I go grocery shopping and use that as my “shopping cart” because I typically run in for a few items.  The big shopping days for me are at Costco and they don’t even make bags available.  What’s awkward for me is when I go to the mall to pickup non-grocery items – I keep forgetting to bring my bag and there, I just hand-carry the items out which can get cumbersome.  Whatever you decide, read Aina’s article about it and you’ll have a much better understanding and be better prepared.