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Only the first 15 applications will be accepted

The cohorts are small by design so that you can get to know other members of the Islander Ohana and receive personal attention.  Once the first 15 applications are accepted, the cohort will close and you’ll have to wait for the next one.  Don’t wait. 

If you want to live in Hawaii in the best possible way, this is it. 

I created a unique program designed to help you live in Hawaii in the best possible way,  This is the only structured program that will take you step-by-step from where you are today to living in Hawaii tomorrow based on decades of experience all packed into one program. 

Your dreams and your fears addressed

Most of you want to live in Hawaii to transform your lives, whether it’s lifestyle or spiritual.  I get that!  This is why it’s called the Hawaii Islander Transformation Program. To live in Hawaii successfully is to transform your life to become what I call an “Islander” and this is what the program is all about. 

The best jobs connection you can have

Many of you were concerned about the finances and getting a job. As a result, I partnered with Hawaii’s largest employer that will recognize our graduation certificates. While of course this won’t guarantee a job, it most definitely will put you a cut above other mainland candidates that haven’t gone through the program. 

Moving to Hawaii is a big deal

This will be the most life-changing move you will ever make.  Your entire world will be different.  This is bigger than buying a house, getting married or having children (I speak from experience). 

Big deal means big consequences

Get it right, and you “Live the Dream” where you are eternally grateful every single day. Get it wrong, and you risk financial disaster, divorce, or at the very least a huge career setback.

Serious about Hawaii? Join us

Anyone can move to Hawaii – it’s a cheap one-day ticket to land here.  Only a tiny fraction of people actually end up living in Hawaii and that’s what joining the Islander Ohana is all about. 

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