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We’re on a ball with a lot of people. In order to get anything done and to get through life easily and meaningfully we need to interact socially with other people. Optimize your social interactions and have a happier life!

Is there segregation in Hawaii?

Segregation in Hawaii: Local Language Local language is a quality of Hawaiian culture that contributes to segregation in the islands. It’s easy to see who is a local based on the language and slang they use. For example, familial terms like “cousin” and “aunty” can describe close friends instead of actual blood-related relatives. Locals use

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Why we love Hawaii’s people

Hawaii's People Hawaii is unlike most other states in that you can’t refer to citizens of Hawaii as “Hawaiians.” It’s simply incorrect. For example, you could call an individual from Nevada a “Nevadan” and that would be correct. However, that’s because a “Nevadan” isn’t representative of an ethnicity. The term “Hawaiian” though refers to the

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Five ways to show you are clueless about Hawaii culture

There are some obvious signs that some people show when they are clueless about Hawaii’s culture. Although it’s really easy to pick up on the aloha culture from the minute you arrive in our open-aired airports, it can still be difficult to express the aloha culture through your own actions. For example, even though one

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The Ultimate Meaning of Life…

I've come to what I think is a conclusion now about the meaning of life. In the previous article I talked about the meaning of life for the individual. Often times we come to our own conclusion about the meaning of life for us personally. Whatever you come up with for your own life I

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