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So many of us live here because the weather is PERFECT (for us).

What is Hawaii’s weather like in November?

Lots of folks ask about the weather.  Here's the short, universal answer: "It's always perfect!" Each month I will be produce a video shot during that month to give you more details and nuances about that month, starting with November. Watch this short YouTube for the answer and check out this Q&A playlist for lots

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Sun Exposure in Hawaii is Not a Joke

Sun exposure in Hawaii is not a joke. Visitors to the islands suffer from painful sunburns on the first day of their vacation and it can make the rest of the week unpleasant. Sunscreen is important! Sun Exposure in Hawaii Means Direct Sunlight We all know how the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth tilts towards

Sun Exposure in Hawaii is Not a Joke2019-06-03T08:25:33-10:00

Why we love the weather in Hawaii

What about the Weather in Hawaii? If it isn’t obvious already, the weather in Hawaii really is gorgeous. Because of our position near the equator, the average temperature bounces between 75 and 80 year-round. Summer times are moderate when compared to desert environments. The heat in the islands is a humid heat, not an arid

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What is Hawaii Weather Like from January to December?

Wondering What Hawaii Weather is Like Month-to-Month? JANUARY In January the weather in Hawaii is really pleasant during most years. The temperature fluctuates from a very comfortable 19°C (66°F) to 27°C (81°F) as the highs, most of time hovering around 23°C (73°F). It is partly cloudy for the month on average -

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Weather in Hawaii – What Is It Like?

Typically there is a light rain over the West Maui Mountains in Lahaina.Picture the ultimate weather… mostly sunny, not too hot. Gentle breezes blowing. Never too cold. Cool nights. Some rain, but not usually too much. Welcome to Hawaii! The funny thing is that on the islands the forecast for each part of an island

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Hawaii Weather – What to Expect?

Hawaii has variable weather across all islands, but, generally you can say, it's "livable". Ha! There are a couple of things influencing Hawaii weather. Hawaii gets plenty of sunshine. I think I can safely guess without looking up any facts that Hawaii has sunshine on more than 80% of all days during the year.

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What is the Weather Like Year Round in Hawaii?

The sun at Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii can really bake snorkelers - use good waterproof sunblock!The weather in Hawaii - along with the amazing natural beauty of the islands - make it a paradise. The weather in the summertime is hot. In Waikiki in the summer there isn't much wind - and some days can

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