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Texas Civil Engineer Moving to Live in Hawaii

This note is from a rather young man, 23, that is currently living in Texas and considering moving to Hawaii. He'd like some advice on different topics. If you also would like personal advice about moving to or living in Hawaii - drop me a note and I'll post it here and answer it as

Texas Civil Engineer Moving to Live in Hawaii2018-12-31T08:15:59-10:00

Oahu Job – Social Media Specialist – $50,000 or More

Are you a Social Media Specialist that wants to work on Oahu, Hawaii? from craigslist | web/HTML/info design jobs in hawaii There are plenty of companies making big money on the Hawaiian Islands. Hotels and resorts, travel companies, and more. Many companies need social media experts to run their online campaigns. If you've wanted to go

Oahu Job – Social Media Specialist – $50,000 or More2017-05-18T20:52:56-10:00

How Much Money Do Honolulu, Hawaii Residents Make?

I would have guessed that the average income for families in Hawaii was higher. It does make sense why everyone is griping about how expensive everything is - when the average is pretty low in comparison with the prices for everything. It's safe to say, at these income levels - you need A+ credit to

How Much Money Do Honolulu, Hawaii Residents Make?2017-05-18T20:52:58-10:00

Hawaii Veterans Services and Benefits

If you're a veteran of the armed forces, you can rest assured that Hawaii state services have things covered. I served in the US Air Force beginning in 1984 and was actually stationed there at Hickam AFB. After I was discharged I moved into downtown Waikiki and visited the VA immediately to see what could

Hawaii Veterans Services and Benefits2017-05-18T20:53:00-10:00

How I Landed My First IT Job in Hawaii

  Two people in two weeks asked me the same question "How did you get your IT job in Hawaii" when you moved there? Good question. First of all I had a lot of IT (Information Technology) credentials. I had Comptia's A+ certification, Microsoft's MCSE, 7 Microsoft MCP certifications, and about 2 dozen hardware certifications

How I Landed My First IT Job in Hawaii2020-03-02T17:20:59-10:00