I’ve been working on this site for a long time, trying to figure out what it wants to be.  This represents my current thinking, as of late 2017. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!



Preserve the beauty of Hawaii, both physical and spiritual, by educating and acclimating those that have newly arrived.


Transform people’s lives by helping them internalize the inner and outer beauty of Hawaii and understand what it really means to be a Hawaii Islander.

How we’re going to get it done

We’ve been working our tails off to prepare and you can expect the below to roll out starting in 2019 and continually after that.

Free Membership

I’m going to continue offering great content, like you see on this website, for free, and I’m going to make sure this continues to be the authoritative website that gives people the real look at what it’s like to live in Hawaii, both the pro and the con views.  Newsletter access is free as well.

Later on we might split up some content pages behind a “free level” member-only system. For now, (late 2017), our free access to great content is on this site and its newsletter.

Premium Membership

I want to help those who are really serious about transforming their lives by living in Hawaii. I know firsthand how Hawaii can make an incredible change in your life and I’m living proof of it. I haven’t yet finalized exactly what the membership fee will be but for those that are serious about coming here, it will be an incredible value that will be a “no brainer”.

I keep stressing “those who are serious”.  There are those who dream of Hawaii and keep dreaming.  There are those who dream of Hawaii and start doing.  I love everyone!  The dreamers are welcomed to the free stuff. The doers will immediately see the value and will want to be a part of something great.

Online courses

You gotta be “Edumacated” if you’re going live here. You can do it the hard way, like I did, and take 20 years to figure it out.  Think I’m joking? Ask anyone who has been here 5-20 years and they will say “I’ve only lived here for X years…” or something to that effect, meaning that even after 10 years of living here, many malihini really don’t know what Hawaii is all about.

The courses I’m putting together will take a lifetime of trial and error mistakes and package them in an online course format that you can go through on your own time.  This resource alone is absolutely priceless and I would have paid anything to quickly learn what took me decades to figure out.

Online community

I’ve stressed this in my 10 steps to finding a job in Hawaii and can’t overstate: you’ve got to get connected! Many have asked me what online communities are available. There are many of course on LinkedIn and Facebook.  I’m going to launch specific communities on those platforms specifically designed for people that want to transform their lives by living in Hawaii and I’ll probably also have a web-based community that is specifically designed for our members to connect with each other directly.

Networking with the best local resources

If you’re going to live in Hawaii, you’ll need to know the best resources for moving, housing, education, transportation, storage, and big ticket items.  Who do you go to? Thankfully my lifetime of business in the community has given me solid contacts that I can trust in all these areas and our members will know that I’ve hand-picked each of these providers and continually monitor them for quality.

YouTube channel

Personally, I’m finding I am starting to go to YouTube to learn certain things more than I go to the web.  A YouTube channel “Peter Kay Living in Hawaii” featuring the beauty of Hawaii as my backdrop while covering important topics rounds out the content.  I’m really excited about this part and see it as the glue that will tie everything together.

Feedback please!

That’s plan, for now, and I’m certain it will change right after it launches which is the fun part. Until then, I’d love to know what you think. Please leave me your comments below!