Hawaii Weather in May

LocationPrecipitation (in)Avg Temp (F)Max Temp (F)Min Temp (F)
Big Island-East7.1773.880.967.4
Big Island-West0.7178.483.772.5

Temperatures start out around 28°C (82°F) and hit 30°C (86°F) by month’s end. Some people think 30°C is getting too warm, and with the high humidity around 85% – it can be warm for some people. If you move to Hawaii and live here for a couple years your body adapts to the heat. You won’t be sweating everywhere you go. If you’re just on vacation – well, you’re going to sweat then! ;)

Light to no clouds are likely 68% of the time and this month is basically a carbon copy of last month except the temperatures are climbing. Seventy-five percent of the time if it rains (only a 30% chance) there will be light rains. The other 25% it can really come down. The good news is that, unlike the mainland, Hawaii rarely has days where it rains continually day after day. Winds are still 7 to 10 MPH and comforting.

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