Hawaii Weather in June

Every Island – and even districts on an island – is slightly different

LocationPrecipitation (in)Avg Temp (F)Max Temp (F)Min Temp (F)
Big Island-East7.4375.181.768.9
Big Island-West0.779.585.474

Temperatures hover right at 30°C (86°F) for daytime highs and fall to 23°C (73°F) at night. Clouds increase, with light to no clouds down to 60% and the rest – cloudy, sometimes significantly so. Probability of rain is around 40% each day as an average and most of the rain is light with occasional blasts in buckets. Humidity highs are around 80%. Like the other five months of this year, the wind is almost always out of the North, Northeast, and East – fully 77% of the time this is true.

If you’re into bodyboarding at Bellows AFS, Waimanalos, or one of the other beaches on the Northeast side of Oahu, or on any island with a NE beach – these first five months of the year are great for it.

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