Hawaii Weather in February

LocationPrecipitation (in)Avg Temp (F)Max Temp (F)Min Temp (F)
Big Island-East10.1971.378.564.1
Big Island-West1.275.181.668.4

Though the temperature keeps the same averages during the month of 19°C (66°F) to 27°C (81°F), it is slowly climbing from the beginning of the month until the end. Summer is coming, and this is the first indication as days get slightly warmer on ave. by month’s end. Cloud cover is again around 50% on average. About 65% of the days of the month will experience partly, little, or no clouds – and 35% will have moderate cloudiness, sometimes thick clouds. One out of three days will have some rain, and usually it will be light with occasionally heavy rains coming through. Winds are out of the Northeast and East 69% of the time.

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