Hawaii Weather in April

LocationPrecipitation (in)Avg Temp (F)Max Temp (F)Min Temp (F)
Big Island-East9.4372.478.966.2
Big Island-West0.547783.471.3

Daily highs are 28 – 29°C (82 – 84°F) most days and it rarely drops below 26°C (79°F) for the day and 21°C (70°F) at night. Still quite nice and not too hot! There is a 65% period of no to light clouds. Again, just perfect. The rain chance is around 40%. Usually the rain in Hawaii blows right through – so 20 minutes to an hour is normal, with some storms giving us multiple showers. Seventy percent (70%) of the time the showers are light, and 30% of showers are hard core – with only a few being severe. Humidity remains around 80-85% most days. Wind speed picks up slightly and they blow in toward the Northeast and East sides of all islands.

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