Cost of Living in Hawaii


Cost of Living in Hawaii – 2023

Why is Hawaii's cost of living so high?  There are the basic reasons why the cost of living in Hawaii so high when compared to other states: High cost of land. Highest energy costs in the nation. High taxation.  High labor costs. All of this adds up to making Hawaii probably the most expensive place

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How Much Money Is Enough to live in Hawaii?

This article is about how much money is enough to move to and live in Hawaii, updated for 2021. Could a single person make it by bringing $3,000 in a bank account? If you arrived in Hawaii and made $20,000 per year with your job, could you live like that?In general things cost a lot

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Is Hawaii Expensive?

“I heard milk is like $5/gallon. That’s ridiculous, how do you guys deal with that; Is Hawaii expensive?” is a question I get asked a lot. People make a big deal about milk being $5 gallon in conversations with me after they find out I grew up in Hawaii. However, if you consider what you’re

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Why Hawaii is more expensive than the mainland

Grocery shopping in Hawaii has been proven itself to be more expensive in the islands compared to anywhere else. Your general commodities are more expensive like milk and eggs, and the excise tax in the islands weighs its burden on small middle class families. In addition to these higher prices, the availability of cheaper alternatives

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Can you live in Hawaii on $5,000 a month?

One of the most frequent questions I get is about Hawaii's affordability.  This one came in from Andre in Maryland asking: Can I live on a retirement salary of $5000.00 monthly? Our team of experts from across the state discussed. Want to see some other video features? Let me know in this form below. Loading...

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Living in Hawaii: Can you afford it and is it worth it?

Despite the high expenses, is Hawaii worth it? Some people take decades to realize the answer. I've been thinking about this a lot and I came up with something that's deep and significant that came to me after decades of living here. Hope you enjoy it! You asked: "What is the real cost comparisons between

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How on earth can you afford living in Hawaii?

For most people vacationing in Hawaii, all it takes is one trip to the grocery store or a quick scan of the real estate classifieds to get hit with extreme sticker shock.  Yes, not only is it super expensive to live here, but most jobs pay significantly less than their mainland counterparts.  So the inevitable

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Hawaii’s Affordable Housing Nightmare

Hawaii has a serious, unavoidable, and catastrophic problem when it comes to being able to provide affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. As I consider moving back to Hawaii and settling down I'm forced to ask myself... with a master's degree, a past history of earning over $100K per year, a handful of Microsoft

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