Moving expenses in general will typically cost you more than what you expected, things break, you have more boxes than you expected, and shipping fees are more than what they used to be. It happens. Here are five things you will need when moving to Hawaii.

 1. Lots and lots of moving boxes

You always end up using more boxes than you initially thought you would.  It happens every time I’ve moved.  Moving homes and especially with moving from one state to another, you’re going to have a lot of stuff to move!  You’ve got your whole life that’s moving with you.  In addition to clothes and personal items, you may have furniture and big ticket items, so you’re going to need a lot of moving capacity, in the form of boxes.  

moving to Hawaii

You’ll probably use more boxes than you thought you would.
moving house by Nathan O’Nions is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original

 2. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a necessity for preventing fragile items from breaking.  For example, glass picture frames or glass sculptures can be damaged while moving if not packaged correctly.  Bubble wrap can also be useful for those nice expensive wine glasses you don’t let the kids touch. Not to mention, your boxes will most likely travel on a ship to the islands, so it could be a rough journey.  Make sure your things are packed down tightly.  

 3. Patience

Shipping things to and from Hawaii can take a while. When I shipped my car, it took over a month for it to arrive in Reno. If you’re moving during the winter time, there might be delays because of the snow, that also occurred in my case. Winter road conditions may block things from traveling if you are doing a door to door delivery.  Door to door deliveries are typically more expensive and take longer, but it’s because they pick up your belongings right at your door and deliver them to your new home.  They are responsible for driving your items to the port, and then from the new port to your new home.  You will need to have patience to wait for the process to conclude itself.  

moving to Hawaii

The shaka means “hang loose,” be patient while you’re waiting for your things to ship! Image is in public domain.

 4. Garage sale

There’s a good chance that you’ll have to downsize from the mainland to Hawaii just because homes in Hawaii are typically smaller compared to mainland real estate.  So, it would be a good idea to hold a garage sale and get rid of items that you may not be able to fit into your new home.  It would also be wise of you to consider new methods of storage because of the smaller home you’ll most likely be in.  

5. Dehumidifier

The islands have very high levels of humidity, pretty much all year long.  It can range anywhere from 60% to even 95% humidity. Adjusting to this kind of humidity may take you a while and that’s why a dehumidifier can be helpful. Humidity can sometimes prompt skin and acne breakouts, so don’t be surprised if that happens to you when you first arrive. Most areas on the mainland, not all, have drier environments compared to the islands, and that’s what makes the islands so unique.  Not only is it sunny year-round, but it’s also humid, so your skin is constantly moisturized.  You most likely won’t need to use lotion ever again, you’ll be sweating it all off if you do!  

moving to Hawaii

Humidity is common throughout the islands, so a dehumidifier would help you adjust to the environment.
Raindrops by racruth is licensed under CC0 1.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.

These are just a few of the things you’ll need upon immediate moving to Hawaii.  The move can be stressful as finding a home, packing and unpacking boxes and relocating your life, can be difficult!  However, have no fear, it will most definitely be worth it!