Ways people envy living in Hawaii #1 – Best place to return to from a trip

People envy living in Hawaii when you get to return to warm weather that’s welcoming and relaxing. For example, if you were to travel somewhere warm and tropical-like in December then return to a cold home, it would be an abrupt awakening. It’s not fun returning home from a 7-day vacation to a home that’s been soaking up cold, dry temperatures. It’s even worse if you’ve got 5 feet of snow piled up in your front yard!

Hawaii is a wonderful place to return to from a long trip. It’s warm and relaxing, so after traveling for several days and jumping between flights, it’s nice to relax in a home that’s already warmed up.

In addition to these benefits, it’s also nice to “continue the vacation” by returning home to a place that most people choose for a “vacation”. Although the heavy traffic and high cost of living might not be considered a “vacation” for local residents, it’s still nice to return home to warm weather and the beach.

Hawaii awesome

This is what you get to return home to after your “vacation.” Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

Ways people envy living in Hawaii #2 – Everyone’s jealous of your Instagram

Hawaii offers some of the most scenic and breath-taking views. There are several points throughout each island that are easily accessible and very photographic. This might be why many couples love to host their wedding in the islands! This is also why locals in Hawaii have impressive personal Instagram accounts – we are contantly doing photo shoots. People envy living in Hawaii when you get to say “if you didn’t take pictures at the beach, you didn’t go to the beach.”

Girls are always doing bikini photoshoots at the beach. It’s a “thing.” Everyone has at least 1 GoPro in their family to take action shots in the water while surfing, or hiking underneath a waterfall. It’s a “thing.” If the City and County management launched a scuba dive search through the oceans of Hawaii, they would probably find so many GoPros at the bottom of the ocean.  

Beautiful waterfalls and stunning sunset views contribute to scenic photography – and many scenic Instagram posts! People envy living in Hawaii especially when they see your Instagram – your mainland friends at least. Your posts can offer gorgeous natural scenery which deviates from the typical urban, city Instagram posts. You’ll stand out.

Hawaii awesome

You’ll be posting pictures like this in the middle of January on Instagram. Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

Ways people envy living in Hawaii #3 – Your mainland friends envy you during the winter

You’ll especially stand out when posting your bikini pictures during the winter months. People envy living in Hawaii  when are are relaxing on the beach on your days off while your friends will probably stay inside because it’s snowing. They might try and compete with your beach pictures with snowboarding pictures, so beware!

However, I can attest as someone who snowboards in Tahoe and also loves sunset pictures, that sunset pictures are much easier to capture. Snowboarding pictures are live-action shots that require a good GoPro (one of the newer ones with high quality,) and a good handling. Henceforth, you have to be a skilled photographer to capture a snowboarding shot whereas you wouldn’t have to be skilled to get a good sunset shot.

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve returned back to UNR after spending winter break in Hawaii to hear the “man your pictures looked nice and warm” comments. I’ll return to school in January with a bronzed tan, beach hair and “summer glow,” all of which were evident in my “winter” pictures. People in Hawaii label the white wash from waves breaking on the shore as “Hawaiian snow,” because that’s the closest we’ll get to it (even though it’s very much not snow.)

Hawaii awesome

That white wash along the shoreline is “Hawaiian snow.” Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.