There are so many things to love about Hawaii and here are five

Hawaii can offer a lot of things that many other places aren’t able to. Weather is the primary difference, but there are a lot of other inconspicuous differences as well.

What to love about Hawaii #1. Sunshine reduces stress.

The warm weather in Hawaii is known for its’ stress-relieving abilities. In fact, the islands have been known for having the least-stress population of residents. According to a Gallup poll in 2013, the state of Hawaii was the least-stressed state and the highest levels of enjoyment. Sunlight is really great for the human body and well-being. For example according to, sunlight increases the serotonin levels in the brain. This can prompt feelings of happiness and elation. The constant sunshine in Hawaii can be beneficial for one with anxiety and high levels of stress in their life.


Long shores and sunshine are my favorite!

What to love about Hawaii #2. Activities are available year-round.

The outside activities like hiking and surfing are available 365 days a year in the rainbow state. There’s no rush to fit activities into a 3-month period. There’s never snow in the winter months, so although you lose out on winter sports, you get summer sports all year long. If you’re into surfing, swimming and hiking, you’ll get that any day you want when you’re here.

girl and dog

My little awesome dog, Spuds and I walking down a trail in the midst of January.

What to love about Hawaii #3. Real estate is worth a lot.

If you’re in the real estate industry and are looking to improve your business, the real estate industry is a lucrative one in the states. The current median price for a home in Hawaii is around $760,000. That price has been an increase since past years. Hawaii is in high demand, and with a relatively low supply of homes available, it makes sense why we see such high real estate prices. So, if you’re looking to invest in rental property and real estate, it could be a very smart business move for you.

girl in tepee

We live in more than just grass huts in Hawaii, but to be honest, our grass huts can get expensive, too.

What to love about Hawaii #4. Hawaii is a melting pot.

Hawaii offers so many different cultures in one small area. There are so many Asian cultural varieties blending Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even more cultures together. There is also the Hawaiian community that offers a diverse mix of Polynesian, Tahitian and Hawaiian cultures as well. If you are wanting to live in a more diversified community, Hawaii is the place for you. The cultural melting pot comes with so many, different amazing foods as well. Korean BBQ and Hawaiian poke in Hawaii doesn’t taste the same anywhere else.


Hawaii has many different ethnic groups all living together in relatively high harmony

What to love about Hawaii #5. Hawaii is animal-friendly.

People really love their dogs in Hawaii. Cats, too, but I’ve never seen cats at the beach. People bring their dogs to the beach all the time, even though they’re technically not allowed at the beach. People take their dogs to the beach anyway. If you’re a fan of pets and have one in your home, Hawaii offers so many pet-friendly outdoor activities like hiking all year long. It’s a great place to raise your pets!

Girl with dog on hike

Spuds loves this hike – it’s definitely his favorite!

The rainbow state can offer a multitude of things to newcomers, things that most haven’t thought about. Despite my biased opinion because I grew up here, Hawaii is an amazing place to raise a family. Kids love the outdoor activities and so do pets! If those five reasons to move to Hawaii weren’t enough for you, check out the rest of our website for more cool things about the islands!