Hawaii offers a lot of things for you to do, but it also takes away a lot of things. Here are the 5 things you’ll never do again after moving to Hawaii. 

 1. You’ll never scrape ice off your car in the mornings after moving to Hawaii

When I first started driving on the mainland, I had to learn how to drive through snow. One thing I hated the most was scraping ice off my windshield in the mornings before work. It added time to my commute. It also just isn’t fun to do! My fingers were frozen by the time I was done scraping the ice. One could argue that I should’ve worn gloves, but it still would’ve been pretty cold. You won’t have to do this anymore after you move to Hawaii.

 2. You’ll never shovel snow out of your driveway and sidewalks after moving to Hawaii.

There also won’t be snow in your driveway or on your sidewalks anymore! Shoveling snow is also not fun. However, it’s required if you want to get out of your driveway or prevent people from slipping and falling on your sidewalks! Shoveling snow can be miserable and tiresome. Depending on the size of your driveway it can also be very time consuming. Shoveling snow is also a periodic activity that has to be done on a regular basis, sometimes more often than usual depending on the size of the snowfall. Don’t worry about having to do this anymore after you move to Hawaii!

 3.  You’ll never practice skiing and snowboarding after moving to Hawaii.

Unfortunately there aren’t any winter sports in Hawaii. Although there is snow on the summit of Haleakala, it’s not enough for a ski resort to invest in. The snow is also shallow because there’s really not that much of it. So, if you would like to practice on your own at the top of Haleakala, you would have to do so with caution. It’s not like Tahoe where there’s enough snow to supply a lucrative ski resort industry. After you move to Hawaii you’ll have to pack away your snowboards!

paid things to do in Hawaii

You’ll get to practice the Hawaiian version of snowboarding, now! . Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.

 4. You’ll never buy cheap real estate after moving to Hawaii.

Cheap real estate is non-existent in Hawaii. Homes are upwards of $700,000 in Honolulu, and the property sizes really aren’t that big. If you’re a young 20 year old trying to make it, it’s going to take a long time until you’ll be able to buy your first home. Becoming a homeowner in Hawaii takes people a longer time just to build up enough in savings for a down payment.

is Hawaii expensive

Homes in Hawaii are typically more expensive compared to most real estate on the mainland.
Hiller?d – Danish Homes by Roger W is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original

 5. You’ll never drive through a snowstorm after moving to Hawaii.

Driving gives a lot of people anxiety. Driving through a snowstorm gives anyone anxiety. You won’t have to worry about driving through any snow storms in Hawaii. With that being said, you also won’t have to worry about slipping on icy road conditions. You also won’t be limited as to where you can and cannot drive because of road conditions.

moving to Hawaii

There definitely won’t be any of these views along Hawaii’s highways. Pixabay image. No attribution required.

Overall you won’t have to worry about snow in Hawaii. Because there’s no snow, there’s no snow shoveling or ice scraping in the mornings. However, because of this, there also aren’t any winter sports nearby.