Although Hawai’i can offer you so many different activities and amazing adventures, there are some things that you cannot find in Hawaii. The islands offer a very unique lifestyle, and it’s not for everyone. For example, if you’re really into your winter sports then the tropical lifestyle is not for you. Another thing you can’t find on the islands are things like big banking chains like U.S. Bank or Bank of America. These banks don’t survive in the islands, so local banks and credit unions have taken hold of the banking market. 

Things you cannot find in Hawaii #1: Big Chain Banks 

Like I mentioned above, large banks don’t survive in the islands. This is why we have mostly local banks and small credit unions take hold of the banking market. You’ll have to convert all of your mainland bank accounts to local Hawaiian banks like Bank of Hawaii or First Hawaiian Bank. you won’t be able to access your mainland banks here. Another thing you won’t find in addition to large retail banks is large investment banking. Large investment banks are relatively non existent in the islands! 

cannot find in Hawaii

Image is in public domain. An aerial view of downtown Honolulu, Hawaiʻi taken on April 7, 2007. In the foreground is Aloha Tower, a clock tower and lighthouse greeting visitors to Honolulu Harbor since 1926. In the center of the photo is First Hawaiʻian Center, the tallest building and oldest bank in Hawaiʻi. In the lower right is the Falls of Clyde, the only surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full rigged ship, and the only surviving sail-driven oil tanker in the world. The Falls of Clyde is now a museum ship in Honolulu Harbor.

Things you cannot find in Hawaii #2: Winter Sports 

Winter sports are obviously not common in the islands. Our high schools don’t have ski teams and our mountains are not dotted with ski resorts and ski lifts in the winter. This is something you will miss out on, unless you’re traveling to Haleakala where there is one ski resort. I think it has one lift. You will also miss out on other winter sports like snow-shoeing, skiing and back country skiing. If you’re a fan of these, then be prepared that you won’t find them while in the islands! 

cannot find in Hawaii

There definitely won’t be any of these views along Hawaii’s highways. Pixabay image. No attribution required.

Things not in Hawaii #3: Birkenstock Shoes

I know this may seem trivial, but up until last year I could not find Birkenstock shoes for sale in any of the local stores – even the ones I would expect to have them. Alongside these missing, boat shoes are also not sold on the islands. You would have to order them from an online retailer to get them. For those who are not familiar, boat shoes are a leather style shoes that are popular on the mainland. I like wearing them throughout the year. These are not sold on the island! 

cannot find in Hawaii

Rubbah slippahs are where it’s at in Hawaii! Pixabay image. No attribution required.

Things not in Hawaii #4: Full Coverage Bikinis 

If you have not noticed already, locals in Hawaii typically wear revealing bikinis on a typical basis to the local beaches. These are accepted as common and popular on the beaches. All ages wear these styles of bikinis but mostly the younger age groups. I noticed when I dipped in the water at Lake Tahoe for the first time, people were giving me weird looks because of my revealing bikini. I did not know it wasn’t common or accepted around here until someone told me and I realized no one else was wearing revealing bikinis! So, if you’re in Hawaii, prepare to not find any full coverage bikinis. 

cannot find in Hawaii

Less driving time means more fun time! Image Copyright Celina Ma Photography. All rights reserved. Used with permission.