What Hawaii Outdoor things do locals like to do?

If you haven’t caught on to the fact that Hawaii takes pride in its active lifestyle, you got a lot to learn!  There are so many active things to do in Hawaii. All. Year. Round. You can go snorkeling in January and the water will still be warm.  

Our top  favorite great Hawaii outdoor things to do: #1 Surfing

Surfing dates back to the ancient Hawaiians.  People have been surfing for along time in the islands.  It’s become more commercialized over the years, especially with surf competitions and Waikiki surf lessons.  However, at its roots, it’s an ancient practice.  Learning the patterns of the water and how tides interact with surf conditions is all part of it.  It’s not just a sport to practice for fitness, it’s a relationship with the ocean.  Even the strongest surfers will say “no” to dangerous waves or admit fear and timidity when the currents are strong.  There are so many different types of surfing that you don’t need a board to learn. Body surfing is commonly practiced, especially at Makapu’u and Sandy’s beach. If you’re looking for a place to start, baby Makapu’u has great waves. That’s where everyone learns to surf.  

surfboards surfing boards

Surfing is a way of life in the islands.

Our top  favorite great Hawaii outdoor things to do: #2 Snorkeling

Snorkeling can be a ton of fun on the right day.  Make sure to check for wind conditions and surf swells to see if it’s going to be a fun day.  When the water is calm, you’ll have a better time compared to windy conditions and rough surf.  Snorkeling should be relaxing.  If you’re having to fight the current instead of float along the reef, it’s not going to be relaxing.  In addition to this, while snorkeling in strong currents, you could get unintentionally get carried away.  It can be is surprise when you pop your head out of the water to see that you’re a mile off shore.  While snorkeling, be aware of your surroundings and make sure to come up for air.  

Rock bridge

Sometimes you just gotta go for something – even if snorkeling is new to you!

Our top  favorite great Hawaii outdoor things to do: #3 Breathtaking hikes

Hiking in Hawaii is different from other places.  Hikes are humid, short and steep compared to mainland hikes that are dry, long and relatively flat. Be prepared to sweat in Hawaii while hiking because the humidity really amplifies to your workout. However, it’s rewarding.  Hawaii has some of the most beautiful waterfall hikes, places that people dream of.  Waterfalls are pretty abundant on the islands, so you can probably find a waterfall hike near you. There are also risky hikes like Pali Puka that involve slim walkways on the side of mountain with a couple thousand feet of a drop below you.  For a newbie, I would take heed of the caution signs and warnings or go with a local that knows the area.  

East side

One of the coolest views of this bay – a great hike to get here as well.

Our top favorite great Hawaii outdoor things to do: #4 Sunsets

Sunsets are absolutely to die for in Hawaii.  If you don’t take some time to watch the sunset on the west side, you’re missing out.  You can be in a tiny little bikini setting on the beach in late December and enjoy a gorgeous drop-dead perfect sunset. People think of the sunset as a show almost.  People clap and cheer when it’s all done because it’s like a movie just finished.  That’s how beautiful the sunsets in Hawaii are.  It’s a social gathering to get together and watch the sensuosity.  If you’re gathering for the sunrise, we call that dawn patrol.  For the sunset, everyone brings their poke bowls and drinks. It’s a good time. It’s like we’re watching a movie together!  

shakas in the sunset

I absolutely love watching sunsets at China Walls.

Outdoor activities in Hawaii dominate the lifestyle in the islands.  If you’re not enjoying the sun on a weekly basis, Hawaii probably isn’t the place for you.  If you’re not an active person, it’s not worth it to pay the excessive amount of money to live here.  But if you are, then this is the place for you!  

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