Great adventure: Kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands

Lanikai Beach in Kailua on Oahu has a great view of the nearby Mokuleia islands. These two small islands are just a few miles off the shoreline. A lot of people love Kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands, and on the weekends it’s like a huge party over there. People bring coolers of food and drinks and just stay there for the whole day, it’s a fun environment.

girl in bikini on beach

One of my favorite bikinis – and one of my favorite pictures!

Kailua Beach Adventures

I’ve done kayaking Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands before. My friend and I were able to do it in about 30 minutes. We don’t own a kayak, so we rented one from Kailua Beach Adventures nearby. It was only $65 for a double kayak for 4 hours. I absolutely loved this adventure and would totally do it again. The most difficult part was transporting the kayak itself. I had my Infiniti SUV at the time and didn’t know how to tie a kayak to the top of it so my friend and I stupidly had it hanging out the back of my trunk. I already don’t really trust my driving skills so driving with this blocking my rear view mirror was really difficult. It was only a 4 minute drive from Kailua Beach Adventures to Lanikai Beach, but it was not a fun 4 minutes. My friend and I had never kayaked in our lives prior to this experience. It was pretty easy for us to get the hang of it. We’re both pretty fit because I surf and we hike together all the time, so we also had that as an advantage.


I love how blue the sky is in this picture.


Parking in Lanikai is near to impossible, especially on the weekends. My friend and I did this adventure on a weekend, which was a terrible idea. I would highly recommend going during the week to avoid the weekend crowds, because those are inevitable and omnipresent in the area.

beach with rocks

Another great shot from a different angle.

Difficulty/troubles Kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands

The kayaking itself wasn’t that bad. The waters were pretty calm and there aren’t any crazy currents in the area you have to worry about, so getting out there wasn’t a problem. However, once we did reach the island, there was a unique wrap-around surf dynamic that I’ve never seen before. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there, but this kind of surf made it near impossible to land the kayak. We had waves coming from both our right and left sides and the only path to land on the sand is to go directly between the two waves. You’ll have to get your timing down between you and your adventure buddy and power through it as fast as you can. To be honest it was kind of fun, and I’m glad we had all of our valuables sealed tight in multiple ziploc bags because we had a lot of water flood the kayak. Once we landed, there were some guys that helped us pull it up on the sand.

kids surfing

There’s some good surf out here!

I highly recommend kayaking in Hawaii to the Mokuleia islands with an adventure buddy because you get an incredibly different perspective of Oahu from another island, it’s so cool!