What’s a great breakfast place in Oahu? People love breakfast, and everyone loves brunch!  My favorite weekend morning plans are a morning hike and then brunch with friends after.  There are some great breakfast restaurants and signature breakfast foods on Oahu, and here are some of our favorites.  First, let’s introduce you to spam eggs and rice.

Spam Eggs and Rice

Spam, eggs and rice is one of the most popular breakfast combos in the islands.  In fact, it’s so popular that our local McDonald’s offers it on their all-day breakfast menu.  I’m serious, it’s that popular. I remember picking up a plate of it on the way to soccer games or family events as a kid. It’s offered at every breakfast place here and is commonly served at restaurants, at any time of the day! The combo is like an iconic representation of food diversity in the islands.  Although most people have a distasteful opinion of spam, it’s pretty popular here in Hawaii. It’s not only a breakfast meat. It pairs well with other items like in spam musubis and spam Katsu (breaded spam).

Breakfast Place in Oahu #2: Cinnamon’s in Kailua

Cinnamon’s is a popular well-known breakfast restaurant in Kailua.  It’s tucked away in a small shopping center and has been around for as long as I can remember.  The wait time is usually an hour, even on weekdays. Weekends are even more packed, it’s that popular!  My favorite dish here is the guava chiffon pancakes with their signature guava syrup. It’s the ultimate dessert breakfast, sometimes too sweet to handle, but it’s the best.  It’s a must-try if you’re ever at cinnamon’s and make it to the front of the wait line. Highly recommended! I usually get these pancakes with a side of Portuguese sausage – another popular local breakfast meat.  

breakfast place in Oahu

Fruit bowls are also a popular breakfast item! Photo Copyright Cybercom, Inc.

Koa’s Pancake House

Koa’s pancake house is another local favorite for breakfast options.  They are located all over the island, with one near my neighborhood in Hawaii Kai. Koa’s is known for their cheap prices, fast service and their yummy local favorites.  My go-to is red velvet pancakes with a side order of Portuguese sausage. It never fails me! Sometimes I’ll get it to go and have breakfast on the beach, or dinner for sunset!  Koa’s is an iconic local favorite just because of its popularity and fast service. Just like Zippy’s, it’s been in the islands for as long as we can remember.

breakfast place in Oahu

Getting breakfast to go is always a fun idea!
Afternoon Stroll by Kirt Edblom is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original.

Breakfast Place in Oahu#4: Moena Cafe in Hawaii Kai

This is a family favorite, Moena Cafe.  We love this place, it’s located in the heart of Hawaii Kai at Koko Marina Shopping Center.  They are known for their banana chantilly pancakes and other local favorites. My go-to order is a short stack of banana chantilly pancakes and a side order of Portuguese sausage.  As you can tell, that’s my favorite! Moena Cafe is almost always packed, especially around brunch time on the weekends. I’ve waited for hours there before just to get a table for 2.  It’s a small restaurant, but extremely popular among the locals. Their Eggs Benedict is also a fan favorite!

breakfast place in Oahu

Moena Cafe is not very far from this beach! Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc.