My favorite meal in the entire world is a good, hearty burrito. I love burritos so much and so does my boyfriend. Now that I’m in college I go to burrito places like Chipotle and Qdoba. Chipotle has got some of the best ingredients I can find and their guacamole is so awesome. I’ve done some experimenting at home with trying to make my own burritos but it just hasn’t been working out the same way it does at Chipotle with their perfectly fresh ingredients! The owners of Aloha Salads started Paniolos, so you know you’re going to get good products because Aloha Salads does a great job with their healthy and fresh ingredients.  


Fresh ingredients are important in making a good burrito taste good.


There are some pretty darn good burrito places on the island of O’ahu. One of my favorites is Paniolos in Kailua. It’s a pretty small area and there’s not that much room to sit down, but they are the most similar to Chipotle compared to other burrito venues on island. The term “paniolo” means Hawaiian cowboy, and their mission idea is dedicated to delivering a healthy lifestyle to its customers, just as healthy as a Hawaiian cowboy’s cuisine would be. Paniolos only serves fresh food, nothing is canned. All of their meats, beans, rice and salsa are prepared with fresh, local ingredients. That’s why it tastes so darn good! I would definitely recommend paying that extra $2 to get their guacamole because it is so yummy.

They’re located in the Kailua Shopping Center next to the Lanikai Juice on Kailua Road. There’s free parking in that shopping center and I’ve always been able to find a spot whenever I’ve been there. The place can get pretty packed on the weekends, especially during the summer months in the afternoons when everyone is coming home from the beach.  


Burritos are seriously the best, and there are so many different options for them, too!

Bowles Burritos

Bowles Burritos is another highly-rated burrito venue in the same shopping center as Paniolos. They’ve got an average of 4.7 stars for all of their google review ratings and their customers have left very kind comments for them. It’s got a small seating area but just like with any burrito, you can take it to go. I’ve never personally had their fish tacos, but apparently a customer thought they were “AMAZING,” so I’m suggesting you give their fish tacos a chance! The place has a unique, chill and relaxed Hawaiian vibe that’s nicely displayed in their atmosphere and decorations.

food place

Maui Tacos is an awesome burrito venue!

Maui Tacos

Maui Tacos is also in the vicinity of these two burrito venues and is known for their Mexican dishes that blend in Hawaiian flavors. Maui Tacos is a chain restaurant that also has very high ratings from their customers, an average of 3.3 stars from their various customer reviews on Google.

Burritos and tacos are such great meals to have after the beach or to eat at the beach! Either way, Hawaii has got some awesome burrito venues to satisfy your burrito needs.