Where can you get the best acai bowls in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu?

In addition to amazing views and beaches and a plethora of outdoor adventures, Hawaii’s fruit bowl venues are some of the best. Acai bowls are also popular on the west coast in California but the best bowls are made right here in Hawaii Nei. ¬†Here’s where you find the best acai bowls in Hawaii, particularly on the Island of O’ahu.

fruit bowl

An acai bowl I made myself!

Haleiwa Bowls

Acai bowls are very popular in Hawaii. There are numerous venues scattered throughout the islands, but I think the best place is Haleiwa Bowls on the North Shore.Haleiwa Bowls is located in Haleiwa town and has, in my opinion, THE best acai bowls in Hawaii on Oahu I’ve had in my life. The ingredients taste so fresh and my favorite part of their bowls is their granola. The granola they use is especially so sweet and the cold acai berry mix tastes so good on a hot day after the beach. I personally love to get mango shavings as a topping on my bowl, and I usually get the surf bowl. Each bowl comes with a standard set of toppings like strawberries, bananas and coconut flakes all drizzled in honey. It’s the ultimate sweet dessert, North Shore style. It’s definitely categorized as a fast food venue and literally looks like a cute little grass shack on the side of the road. The bowls can be pretty pricey because I usually pay $8/bowl and if you think about it, you’re paying $8 for a bowl of fruits, but it’s worth it. If you’re ever making a trip up to the North Shore you HAVE to stop by Haleiwa Bowls to get the full North Shore experience.

fruit bowl

I always make sure to get an acai bowl when I go to the North Shore – which is a lot.


One of my other favorite places of acai bowls in Hawaii on Oahu is Banan, located in the Diamond Head area. Banan offers a lot more variety and menu options for banana lovers. Their acai mix is infused with a lot more banana flavoring, which I really love. They also have a cool option to order your acai bowl in a papaya instead of a traditional paper bowl, and that makes for a super cool instagram picture. It also tastes really good, but we all know the “pics or it didn’t happen” motto is very true, so make sure to get a good shot of that papaya bowl for your Instagram! These acai bowls in Hawaii are slightly more expensive because you’ll be paying about the same price as Haleiwa Bowls for a much smaller serving portion.

Diamond Head Grill

Down the street from Banan in the same Diamond Head area is Diamond Head Grill, which is also known for its acai bowls in Hawaii on Oahu. I haven’t personally tried their acai bowls but my younger sister is a big proponent of them, and I trust her opinion in this department.

fruit bowl

I love making my own acai bowls, it’s fun to get creative with them.

The acai bowl in Hawaii experience

Acai bowls are a cornerstone of the “Hawaii surfer” diet. I love picking up an acai bowl in Hawaii on Oahu on the way home from the beach when I want to cool off. Taking an acai bowl to the beach isn’t the best idea because it’ll melt pretty fast and you’ll have to eat it quickly. I like to take my time and slowly enjoy my acai bowl experience.