Surfing in Hawaii is a component of the everyday lifestyle in the islands. A significant number of people here surf on the weekends, or in any free time they get, really. There are so many beaches and breaks to surf that it’s a common sport for people to practice, simply because of the available resources.

 Surfing in Hawaii

The water is always warm and there are always waves regardless if there is wind. You don’t need a boat to get out on the water, and you don’t need a lifejacket if you’re on a surfboard. There are even some styles of surfing that don’t require boards.  

 Body surfing

Body surfing just requires a good pair of fins and strong arms. I love body surfing the most because it’s the least amount of prep and set-up hassle. With body surfing, you don’t need to tie a board to the roof of your car, or worry about it hanging out the back of your truck. You also don’t have to worry about scratching your board up or the potential of breaking it on a big day. (“Big day” is a code word for surfers, meaning the waves were really big that day.)


surfboards surfing boards

Short boards are easier to fit in a hatchback.

Board surfing

If you choose to surf with a board instead of body surfing, it can be pretty expensive to start the sport. Surf boards can range anywhere from $600 to thousands of dollars. Of course, just like with anything else, you really don’t need an expensive board to get into surfing. It’s not like boards are considered a fashion statement like bikinis are, boards are boards. There are different styles, like long boards and short boards, and some are more buoyant than others, so there are different things to take into consideration when shopping around for one. In addition to the board, you’ll need wax, a fairly cheap item. A bar of wax costs around $2 and lasts for a pretty long time, given that it’s not necessary to wax your board every single time you go out on the water. In addition to these two things, you’ll either need a truck with a bed or a car with racks on top so you can tie your board on the top. I would use bungee cords to secure the board on the roof. A set of good racks can range from $40-$60. A set of strong bungee cords with hooks on the ends aren’t that expensive, maybe $20/pack. I’m sure by now you’re adding up all of these numbers and asking yourself, “Is it even worth it?” Yes, it’s worth it. The great thing about most of these expenses is the fact that they aren’t recurring, they’re all one-time purchases. You can reuse the board, racks and bungee cords multiple times. Another great thing about surfing is you don’t need a permit/registration/inspection to take your board out on the water. Unlike other things like kayaks, boats and jet skis, surf boards don’t require any paperwork or annual inspection for you to legally take it on the water.


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Surfing at White Plains is a safe spot to start surfing, and you can still have a blast.

The most important part about surfing in Hawaii is to enjoy yourself and have fun!