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Tips about life. Lifehacks, but someone already trademarked that term!

What Makes Up an Awesome Life?

  You'll never feel free in life if you're tied down by self-imposed responsibilities. Cut the ties that bind if you're not benefiting directly from the situation. I think everyone, during the course of their lives MUST feel the freedom of being able to choose anywhere to go and begin life anew. The feeling is

What Makes Up an Awesome Life?2016-04-09T04:26:34-10:00

The Ultimate Meaning of Life…

I've come to what I think is a conclusion now about the meaning of life. In the previous article I talked about the meaning of life for the individual. Often times we come to our own conclusion about the meaning of life for us personally. Whatever you come up with for your own life I

The Ultimate Meaning of Life…2017-05-18T20:53:11-10:00