Who Doesn’t Love a Hawaii Bikini?

Hawaii is home to some of the most expensive, popular, and skimpy little brazilian bikinis. Some bikinis go for over $100/piece yet they are made of the least amount of clothing so it really doesn’t make any sense. However, despite the high prices and small coverage, they are still a hit in the islands! Every girl a least owns a brazilian bikini or cheeky bikini of some sort, regardless of whether she wears it out or not. I personally own a ton myself, it’s just part of the trend nowadays. They never used to be so popular but in the recent years they’ve gained quite the spotlight attention given their eye-catching features. That’s how Hawaii girls get so many likes on their Instagram posts – skimpy bikinis.

San Lorenzo Bikinis

One of the most popular brands is San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo has numerous retail locations throughout the islands and I think even some on the West Coast. I personally don’t like any of their bikinis because their sizing scale is meant for very tiny girls that practically don’t exist. In other words, girls that are toothpicks weighing 80 pounds. I’m not either of those, and most other girls aren’t either. However, San Lorenzo still manages to charge very high prices for very tiny bikinis that are very popular here.


Another popular place is Boutinela. They are solely an online boutique and don’t have any retail stores, however they have seriously grown in popularity over the years. I started buying from them two years ago and have been really happy with their products and delivery time. They also have great sales during the holidays and especially on black friday. When I first started buying from them, their price were much cheaper than what they are right now. However, they have a wider variety of styles available now, especially their new one pieces! I have yet to get one but they are so darn cute, I can’t wait!

Benoa Swim

Benoa Swim is a growing bikini business that has recently started selling their bikinis at venues around the island. They don’t have their own bikini store, but their products are available at various places. They are also popular online, that’s how I found them. They have an awesome Instagram account that features all of their bikinis, and if you wear one of their bikinis, they’ll feature you on their Instagram! I have a one piece from them that I’m absolutely in love with. Although their online delivery and email system is absolutely awful, their products are high quality. Their customer service department is severely lacking and I wish I could say it wasn’t because I really do love the brand, but I wouldn’t count on them replying to any of your emails.

There are several other popular bikini brands in the islands that girls spend hundreds of dollars on, but these are just some of my favorites (except San Lorenzo.) Bikinis can get pretty expensive and I get carried away with buying them, so I try not to stalk these Instagram too much or else I’ll find myself expecting a dozen bikinis in the mail!