Some Fun Jobs Available in Hawaii

Here is a list of some jobs in Hawaii found on that look to be interesting in some way. I'm sure none of them are really as fun as they seem like. Could they be?Photographer / Tour Guide (Waianae/Waikiki) Dolphin swim tour operating out of Waianae looking for a photographer/tour guide. We are looking

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Best Career Field in Hawaii?

Image Copyright CyberCom, Inc. The huge "medical" field or health field appears to be the best career field in Hawaii. Best meaning - lots of opportunity and a competitive salary to match Hawaii's high cost of living. At there are 100 jobs listed in the field just over a 3 day span.

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Finding a Job in Hawaii – New Article

I just wrote up a more comprehensive page about How to Find a Job in Hawaii that you may find interesting. Click the blue link to see it.  

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Island People Moving to Hawaii for Law Careers

This email was interesting. I'll respond below her email. * * * Hi Vern, I've been reading your blog recently and decided I'd email you and see if you responded. My husband and I just recently started thinking about making the move to Hawaii!!!! Oahu to be exact! What's weird is that we have never

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Hawaii Job Engine – Try It!

I was contacted by Kristian Nielsen about a new job-finding service he has put together for Hawaii - if you are looking for a job, check it out. I asked him to write something about his company, and he sent this note... I am the Founder of Hawaii Job Engine, which is a job site

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Starting an Eco Business After Moving to Hawaii

This is a letter from a woman that wants to know about starting an eco tourism business in Hawaii after her and her family move to the islands. I didn't know how to answer to give her anything to go on really, except a healthy dose of reality... Hawaii is not the place to start

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Absolute Worst State to Make a Living – Hawaii!

Each year looks at best and worst states in the USA to make a living based on some criteria: average income state tax rate cost of living unemployment rate They use these to compute an adjusted average income amount. Is living in Hawaii all it is cracked up to be? The state isn't doing

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Oahu Job – Social Media Specialist – $50,000 or More

Are you a Social Media Specialist that wants to work on Oahu, Hawaii? from craigslist | web/HTML/info design jobs in hawaii There are plenty of companies making big money on the Hawaiian Islands. Hotels and resorts, travel companies, and more. Many companies need social media experts to run their online campaigns. If you've wanted to go

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Starting a Business in Hawaii?

Starting a Business - Not Recommended Hawaii is not a great place to start a business in my personal opinion. Many people try, but I think the failure rate is higher in Hawaii than other places. Number one – there is a lot of competition in areas that matter – like tourism. If you don’t

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How I Landed My First IT Job in Hawaii

  Two people in two weeks asked me the same question "How did you get your IT job in Hawaii" when you moved there? Good question. First of all I had a lot of IT (Information Technology) credentials. I had Comptia's A+ certification, Microsoft's MCSE, 7 Microsoft MCP certifications, and about 2 dozen hardware certifications

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How to Build Your Online Business from Hawaii?

Jeremy Shoemaker ( just put out this video book of the major steps needed to create your online business. He gave away the 8 videos - and though it is missing some of the details, it gives the big picture and tells you a lot about how to get started planning your online business. You

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