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Hawaii Forum?

Would you use a Hawaii forum here if we install it? I realize that many people like forums, and that they help get a lot more information out there to be shared... but, is there a need for one here? Please respond... Thanks! Aloha! [poll id="4"]

Hawaii Forum?2017-06-05T19:20:36-10:00

Living in Hawaii Forum

I've spent so much time thinking about whether to have a Hawaii forum here at - and if so, what topics to include... it's a hard decision. Hard because it will take a toll on the server. Hard because it will take moderation - I don't have much time to spend moderating posts and

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Would You Use a Forum at Aim for Awesome?

I posted this poll under the /forum section a while back to see what kind of response I'd get. At times I really want a Living in Hawaii forum, and at times I don't at all. Forums are a lot of work and I think it can be overwhelming. Hopefully we'll not have thousands and

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Our New Addition – Living in Hawaii Forum

Ask your questions about living in Hawaii at our new Living in Hawaii forum at See the link on the top line up there? Living in Hawaii Forum At the moment the forum is not focused on any of the personal development type ideas I've written articles about here. I think it's best to

Our New Addition – Living in Hawaii Forum2017-05-18T20:53:02-10:00