Ask your questions about living in Hawaii at our new Living in Hawaii forum at See the link on the top line up there?

Living in Hawaii Forum

At the moment the forum is not focused on any of the personal development type ideas I’ve written articles about here. I think it’s best to concentrate on the Living in Hawaii and moving to Hawaii themes.

The forum is for locals that already live in Hawaii – that want to socialize or help those that are considering moving to the islands. It’s also for those that need help figuring out how to go about moving to Hawaii.

There are some kinks – I just installed the forum today. There are a ton of settings to go through. I’ll get them all smoothed over in the next couple days. Feel free to join now (register here). I’m working on many things – but, if you have a specific problem – email me at the address found in the “Contact” link at the bottom of every page.

Cheers and best of life!