Ok, the content for the What is the Point of Life? ebook is written from my side and I’m waiting on more people to contribute. I have a handful of promises and some friends have sent their paragraph or so to add to the book.

If you haven’t sent your opinion in – why not do it now while you have a few minutes?

Just send by email to: AimforAwesome

[{at}] gmail –> com your answer to the question, “What is the point of life?”.

Answer it for yourself. Tell, in your own words what the point of life is for you – to enjoy the optimal life – what are you doing? What is your focus? What is the most worthy way to spend your life? What gives you the most happiness, or, just makes the most sense for you to focus your life on?

If you want you can use the categories I list on this page – which will be the chapters for the book. I’ll put your entry under whichever chapter that fits – or, create new ones if it doesn’t fit one.

When you contribute you can list your name, email, website link, or other contact information. You will receive a free copy of the ebook too!

There is no time limit for when you send your entry – it’s an ebook, so I can add entries to it at any point in time.

So, no excuses – just send it!

Update 5/28: What is the Point of Life? ebook is available now – click HERE!