New Project: What is the Point of Life eBook
Participation: I need your help!

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The post, “What is the Point of Life?” I did in 2007 has been on my mind. There are over 150 comments there from people of all ages, all backgrounds… and I’ve done my best to answer many of the comments they had about the meaning of their lives.

I love this topic – the meaning of life – and I felt compelled to do more.

I’ve got 50 pages done in my “What is the Point of Life” eBook and I need your help.

What I really would love is for you to send me your idea of the point of life so I can use it in the ebook sections where I talk about people’s various ideas about the whole meaning of life.

If you have come to the conclusion that your idea of the point of life is one of these (below), please tell me which one – and write a short couple sentences or 1-2 paragraphs about why you believe the point of life is the one you chose.

Though you choose just one – you can mention any of the others too – but, your main point of life should focus on one.

Your responses will be used in the ebook, and I’ll ask you to agree to letting me publish your statement in the ebook before I release it.

What do you believe is the main point to living life? Choose from these: (or add one if none fit)

  • Freedom
  • Collecting Toys
  • Stretching (pushing yourself to experience new things)
  • Hanging Loose – taking life easy, as stress free as possible
  • Balance – moderation, equanimity
  • Love
  • Accomplishment
  • Success
  • Learning
  • Friendship – including family, children
  • Exploration – seeing new geographical areas
  • Bliss / Happiness
  • Buddhist Nirvana
  • Religion
  • The Future – working toward retirement
  • Self – doing everything for self – making self happiest
  • Helping Others

Thanks so much for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you about your opinion… What is the Point of Life? !! Please pass along to any friends you’d like to as well.