Sophie from Oregon writes:

Hello! My name is Sophie, and I am 19 years old. I am a nursing student in Eugene, Oregon, and I have been dreaming of moving to Hawaii and becoming a nurse (and professional surfer, in my dreams) ever since I was 13 years old. I am an adventurer to the core, and I am in love with the ocean!
Here’s my question – being 19, and a student, how hard is it to live in Hawaii? Also, since I am single, do you have any sense of how hard it is to meet people on the islands?

Thank you so much, I eagerly await your answer!

Thank you so much,

Aloha Sophie,

If you have the courage to pursue your dreams, it shouldn’t matter how “hard” it is.  I moved to Hawaii in the mid-80s and was I was about your age with about 6 months of savings and I didn’t know a soul.   I’m still here.

The real question is, are you ready to do what it takes? I always tell people, “Daring to dream, and then dare to make your dreams come true”.  Hawaii is absolutely, positively not an easy place to live. That is why only %0.02 of the world lives here.

But if you really, really want to make it work, you can do it.  I’ve put together 10 steps for you to follow based on my life experience here. Good luck!