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What Is Your First and Last Name?

T. Simmons

Do You Have a Website or Something Else You Would Like Us To Link To?


Which Hawaiian Islands Have You Lived On?


How Many Years and Months Did You Spend Living in Hawaii?

17 years

How Many Members of Your Family Stayed in Hawaii With You?

Single and Two Children

Pets – Choose One That Applies

No Pets

If You Had a Pet, Would You Recommend Pet Owners Moving to Hawaii Bring Their Pets to the Islands?

Was Your Income Adequate to Do 90% of What You Wanted To Do Beyond Your Normal Living Expenses?

What Were Your Main Activities Outside of Work – And, Did You Find You Had Enough to Keep You Occupied?

Hiking the trails, going for walks on the beach and driving around the island.

Did You Find It Easy to Make New Friends in Hawaii? And, Were People “Like You” Easy to Find?

Making real friends is hard anywhere. However, people here is “friendlier”. Conversely, there is a bit of racism against “Haoles” (European Americans/mainland white people).

Did You Experience Any Incidents of Racial Discrimination, Hate, Etc? Can You Please Explain As Much As You’re Willing?

Not so much. I think immigrants, in general, could undergo discrimination anywhere. But there is an positive bias towards Pacific Islanders and Southeast Asians. They don’t seem to be targets of racism on the islands.

What Did You Think About the Traffic and Parking Situation?

IT SUCKS! THE WORST TRAFFIC EVER! Parking is scarce and expensive in Waikiki and downtown!

What Do You Like Most About Living in Hawaii?

1. Nature!

What Did You Dislike Most About Living in Hawaii?

1. Small minded people, lack of worldly culture and good restaurants.

Rate Your Happiness Living in Hawaii…

Almost as happy as I can be.

Did You Have Any Experience With Public or Private Schools in Hawaii?

Public Schools are probably raking bottom of the totem pole in all 50 states or close to it.
If you have money, enroll your children at a private school or have private tutors.

Was There Enough Shopping On the Island?

My favorite places:
Costco, Sams Club, Tamura’s, Safeway and Foodland (food)
Old Navy, Ross. (clothes)
Ala Moana Mall, Waikele Outlets, Ace Hardware.
Whatever else, I resort to online shopping. Thus, nothing is hard for me to get.

Roughly How Much Money Did You Spend on Food Each Month?

In a family of 3 about $700.00 a month.

Do You Have (Did You Have) a Business in Hawaii?

Suggested business:

Landscaping and tree-trimming.
Also, becoming a contractor is also good.
House keeping business. Massage therapist. Lunch Wagon (ethnic foods).

Is Hawaii the Ultimate Place to Live Whether You Have Money or Not?

Well, it is a good place to live. But, if you are ambitious and want your children to have the best, I think other places might offer more. This is a place to relax and enjoy nature.
I don’t really think of settling down in Hawaii. Too expensive to buy property!

Anything Else You Want to Say???

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Vern’s Comments

Thanks for answering the survey Ms. Simmons! Appreciate your viewpoint, having lived on Oahu – on the north shore for 17 years is amazing. I honestly don’t know how you do it. You must really love the place. Thanks for your tips about what businesses might work, that is a question I get asked so much, and I usually also tell them something in construction is good. Housekeeping, yeah, for sure. What about in-home care? I saw quite a few of those jobs available in the past on Craigslist. There are many seniors that could use some help around the house, and personal care that might involve helping them do their activities of daily living.

Anyway, thanks so much. If you have a website to mention, feel free to email it to me.


If you have any friends that would like to take the survey Jon, can you point them to it? Mahalos!

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