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What Is Your First and Last Name?

Cheryl Sloan (Cheryl, if you have a portrait photo we can use, send it to me by email – thanks)

Do You Have a Website or Something Else You Would Like Us To Link To?

No, thank you.

Which Hawaiian Islands Have You Lived On?


How Many Years and Months Did You Spend Living in Hawaii?

6 years 7 months

How Many Members of Your Family Stayed in Hawaii With You?

Spouse and Me

Pets – Choose One That Applies

One pet.

If You Had a Pet, Would You Recommend Pet Owners Moving to Hawaii Bring Their Pets to the Islands?

Yes, it was a process but our Weimaraner enjoyed 4 wonderful years here with us.

Was Your Income Adequate to Do 90% of What You Wanted To Do Beyond Your Normal Living Expenses?

We were able to enjoy our time off. Many things like the beaches are free.

What Were Your Main Activities Outside of Work – And, Did You Find You Had Enough to Keep You Occupied?

We enjoy going to the beach. Watching the waves and surfers and wind surfers. Exploring the island by car. We enjoy the music and festivities that are always happening here on Maui. We also enjoy learning about the culture here.

Did You Find It Easy to Make New Friends in Hawaii? And, Were People “Like You” Easy to Find?

Yes, making friends here was very easy. Love all the cultures that mingle here on Maui. So much to learn about the Hawaiian culture.

Did You Experience Any Incidents of Racial Discrimination, Hate, Etc? Can You Please Explain As Much As You’re Willing?

No bad experiences only positive one.

What Did You Think About the Traffic and Parking Situation?

Traffic is rarely an issue on Maui. Parking is usually adequate.

What Do You Like Most About Living in Hawaii?

1. The weather here is pretty near perfect.
2. The people we have met along the way are delightful.
3. We enjoy hearing the birds and being cooled by the trade winds.
4. We love the beaches and the whale watching too.

What Did You Dislike Most About Living in Hawaii?

1. Nothing so far.

Rate Your Happiness Living in Hawaii…

As happy as can be.

Did You Have Any Experience With Public or Private Schools in Hawaii?

No experience.

Was There Enough Shopping On the Island?


Roughly How Much Money Did You Spend on Food Each Month?

2 people about $1000 a month

Do You Have (Did You Have) a Business in Hawaii?

Briefly I did a photography business but decided it wasn’t right for me. You have to be passionate about your business and all aspects of it. I did not enjoy selling the photography, I rather just give it away so I stopped doing the business.

Is Hawaii the Ultimate Place to Live Whether You Have Money or Not?

You need to either be rich or working to live here. The cost of living is very high and the wages are low compared to the mainland.

Anything Else You Want to Say???

This is where our spirits were meant to be.

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Vern’s Comments

Thanks Cheryl, for your answers to the survey questions! I also lived on Maui and my answers would be much the same as yours were for this lovely island. Maui No Ka Oi! It’s true I think. I don’t think any of the other islands compare.


If you have any friends that would like to take the survey Cheryl, can you point them to it? Mahalos!

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