Living at Tantalus mountain you’ll inevitably hear drifting cars sliding through the hairpin turns late at night on the weekends.

In another bold and potentially disasterous move, the City of Honolulu has decided to deal with the problem harshly be adding “Tyre Grip” to the surface of the road which will, according to one resident “rip up their tires so that will prevent them from drifting.”

Sounds like a perfect plan – what could go wrong with that I wonder?

For a mere drop in the bucket, $100,000.00, the city can apply test sections of this tire eating surface on 8 turns on Tantalus and Round Top where the drivers prefer to drive like they’re in the movies.

Here’s a video of someone drifting down Tantalus mountain…

Looks safe to me! He only crosses the yellow line, what – 8 times in the span of 300 yards?

This is even worse, they’re doing it at night and I hope the driver can see much more than the camera is showing. Who is holding the camera, a monkey?

Night drifting on Tantalus video ->