In Hawaii – you can clearly see the rain yet be completely dry

Hawaii has such microclimates that it can be raining just a few miles away while at the same time beaming warm sunshine where you are standing.  Many times you can just look out across the horizon, like in this photo, and see rain pouring down while you are not just dry, but enjoying hanging out at the beach.

This photo brings added benefits of divinely inspired rays of sunshine and sunrise/sunset colors at the horizon.  Enjoy – and stay dry!

Big Mahalo to James Buehler!

Photos from our subscribers, especially amateur ones, are my favorites because they illustrate how incredibly beautiful Hawaii is and anyone with a phone can take stunning shots. Mahala James for sharing!


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The very best photos of Hawaii are those taken by folks that do not consider themselves professionals because to me it shows that this beauty of Hawaii is within reach of everyone.  If you have any treasured  Hawaii photos that you would like to share, I’d love to publish them!

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