Hawaii is filled with so many inspiring things to see and to do.

Kauai cloud crests mountain peak photo and video

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Pi Hea Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

When I land here and step out of the plane – everything is magic. It’s the same every time I return. It’s as if I cannot BELIEVE my good fortune to be able to LIVE in this place. So few people call Hawaii their home for any length of time, it’s really a phenomenal state of being to live here and experience some of what Hawaii gives.

For me – I feel the most inspiration when I’m either in the water or hiking up a trail on one of the many mountain hikes.

I could talk about the water of Hawaii, the ocean, the streams, for hours… many future posts coming on that subject…

The mountains are so soul-inspiring that it’s like another world. I remember the first time I came through the Pali tunnel which cuts through a part of the Ko’olau mountain range in the Northeast part of the island. I was driving and yet I could barely focus on the winding road. The beauty, the absolute amazingness of the mountains and view is enough to cause a car crash. There are some bad accidents that seem to occur often there.

Hawaii is so beautiful and so special that you might ask yourself like I do… “Am I cool enough to be here?”

And though it feels like home because it’s so welcoming, you may never really feel like you belong. You KNOW you’re going home at some point, and as much as you’d like to call it home it usually isn’t on your first visit. But, I’ve been there for 6 years off and on and this time, it’s HOME!

The video I wanted to share with you today was made a few years back on a visit to Kauai, “The garden isle”. Kauai is incredibly lush with vegetation and there is little development. It’s a favorite for most people as they envision that this is what they expected Hawaii to be like. There are a couple small towns around the island, but overall the island maintains it’s old Hawaiian charm.

I stayed for 3 days during this trip and I always go to some of the same places each time I visit.

This heavenly place is located near the “Little Grand Canyon of the Pacific” also known as Waimea Canyon on the West side of Kauai. There are signs to “Pi Hea Trail” from the main road and it’s not a very far walk to reach this spot. The trail goes on from here, but I usually just stop and stare for a half hour, eating a fruit snack if I had the foresight to bring one.

This is a great vantage spot to view the Ni’ihau mountain range as the short hike goes by this cliff where the view is just awesome. We were at cloud level and then we noticed there were clouds climbing up the ridge and soon they crested over the top and enveloped us in cloud mist. If you’ve never been standing in the clouds before you must experience it. This happens at many of the mountain peaks on Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. I’ve not been to the Big Island but I imagine it’s similar.

When it’s hits you it feels like a cool, fresh spray of the finest mist. It is not at all overpowering… very light, crisp… an absolutely amazing experience that you can’t miss during your lifetime.

Come to Hawaii and stand in the clouds!

Kauai is AWESOME!

Isn’t it?