Sometimes I get amazing comments on some of my articles. This was one reader’s response to my original philosophical question, “What is the Point of Life?”

I really enjoyed reading his take on the meaning of life so much so that I asked for and received his permission to reprint it here as a full article in itself. Enjoy!


Hi Vern Lovic,

I read your article on the meaning of life and I too have been desperately searching for that answer myself. For many years I believed that the meaning or purpose of life was to love. But over the years of watching life happen to myself and others, I have come to question that theory. If the theory of love being the meaning or purpose of life were true, then why is it the hardest thing to attain and maintain?

Bibles all across the various religions and beliefs say this is to be true. They also say the reason we were created was to worship our creator. But I find issues with this thought as well. If G-D is the almightiest of the almighties, as he is, then why would he need or want to create beings for the sole purpose of worshiping him? He has angels for that. And no matter how many people populate the earth, he will become no greater or better, because he is already the greatest. And I can not imagine that someone who is the all powerful would need reaffirmation of his greatness.

I have an even harder time believing that building buildings, becoming wealthy, or being the best carpenter would be a purpose to life since all these things are superficial in themselves and are not needed for survival or inner gain with whatever G-D we believe in.

Friendships, loveships, and life itself is all ending and none are forever. So if love were to be the purpose, then why would they end? Why would we not still be in love with our first crush or first spouse? Why would we love our neighbor one week and loathe them the moment they did something ill to us? And for that matter, why would they have done something ill if they in turn had loved us?

This matter itself has come to manifest itself within me like a mold and I find myself desperately needing that answer since all the things I once held dear throughout my life have come to mean little to me. I used to be a Jones and had it all, until one day I realized all I had was “stuff”. Having material things then meant nothing to me. So I searched for love believing maybe it was the answer to this powerful life. But alas, I discovered that each human being has had and lost love which made me think that if love were it, then it would not abandon us so easily.

Then I came to think maybe it was connection within our souls and minds with our G-D. But that too fails when you logically look at the fact that the more you know, the worse you feel abut it all. It is a heavy burden to know too much about any one thing. Since there is no attaining perfection, no matter how much knowledge you gain, you are only reminded that there is so much more you do not know. And that in itself is a burden to carry because it makes you wonder where the end is. Or if there is an end. And if there isn’t, then why bother at all since you will technically never “complete” the task at hand.

So now I come to a simple place, where I think that maybe there is no point. No purpose. No meaning. Maybe G-D was just bored and wanted something to do so he created us. And through our own actions we have built, loved, and even created, ourselves.

Maybe the point is that there is no point. After all, the most evil in the world live longer and have better health because they care for no one or nothing, so they suffer little stress and its ails. While the good of the world are hit by a car while helping a dying dog on the side of the road.

This world contains absolute idiots who want for nothing all their lives, and yet they worked not a day for it all. Then others who work 7 days a week for years, are still in want and doing without any luxuries at all.

Those who never cheat are cheated on.

Those who never steal are stolen from.

And those who decline drugs are attacked on the streets for the hard earned money so someone can buy more drugs.

I don’t think doing good or bad has any real affects on life other than they go to jail if caught. No matter how bad a person is, there are always people who claim they are actually “good” inside and are even loved by these people. Yet someone like Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to good, was over shadowed in death by a famous woman, who although did much good as well, had not done it for any near the length of time that Mother Teresa had. And here we have Michael Jackson who was accused of molestation, still being the most wanted and famous man in the world.

If I did not know better, I might think that the worse of a person you are, the better the life you live.

And that would be a horrible thing if it were to be true.

So I still have no idea what the answer is. Some say we will find out in the end, but those same teachings also say that when that time comes, that we won’t even anymore care to ask.

If the peoples of yesteryear really did see G-D’s hand, foot, and backside, then why does he not come to us now? Why is it that thousands of years have passed with no word from him? Certainly if we were created to worship him, then he would make himself present for us to do so. And if love were the point, then it would not be the hardest thing to come by. So although I am now wondering if there is not even a point to it all, I still can not help but wonder what if there is. And if so, what it is?!

Thank You,

B. Taylor Prescott