A survey by CheapAir.com found that the best time to buy a domestic flight anywhere is 49 days in advance of departure. If it is an international flight, the best time to book to save money is 81 days before.

For domestic flights you should definitely book a minimum of two-weeks prior, when the rates start to skyrocket. For international flights to HNL – Honolulu International Airport on Oahu, you might get a surprise and get the best fairs a day or two before travel! From Bangkok to Honolulu I found the best flight prices are typically about 3 days before departing.

When is a good time to visit Hawaii?

Everyday is a good day to visit the islands! Really, there is almost always decent weather and it is always warm enough. Some say the summers are too warm, and that is true for a lot of people. Personally, I like the October through February months because they are the perfect temperature night and day. The rain doesn’t bother me, it rains in the winters for longer times during the days, occasionally there will be a string of days where it rains a lot.

Table of Visitor Arrivals By Month in 2021

Jan 171,980 2021
Feb 235,271 2021
Mar 439,796 2021
Apr 484,547 2021
May 629,847 2021
Jun 791,520 2021
Jul 879,554 2021
Aug 723,017 2021
Sep 504,586 2021
Oct 550,785 2021
Nov 614,018 2021
Dec 752,840 2021

Article originally authored by Vern Lovic and any expressed opinions are his own.