In my previous article I wrote about good reasons for moving to Hawaii. This article is about the other side of the coin – the bad reasons or motivations some people have when moving to the Hawaiian islands.

Moving to Hawaii is not all that easy – it will take a monumental effort on your part – especially if you choose to move your household belongings with you. I strongly suggest, if you can, to store everything in long-term storage back in the mainland USA (assuming that’s where you’re moving from) and to buy different furniture in Hawaii. Cars too – are cheap in Hawaii, there are 2 cars for every one person on the islands, so leave your car at home. Really!

The following are bad or negative reasons for moving to Hawaii. If you are considering moving to the islands and you are motivated by one of these reasons – stop and reassess whether you’re making a good decision.

Bad Reasons for Moving to Hawaii:

You love smoking pot – and what better place to get Maui Wowie, than right there in West Maui? I don’t know that too many people move to Hawaii just for the pot experience, but I’ll bet there are more than I think there are! Driving out west past Kahana and over by the cliffs… and then on Kauai – the same, anywhere it looks like pure Hawaii jungle – you’re likely to see a guy or two just hanging out along the road. What are they doing? If they think you’re safe enough, they will hold up a big bud of Hawaiian marijuana to let you see it – and purchase it if you want. They are bold, and they have lookouts for police further up the road, and there are only 2 ways in to get to them… so they disappear when police are cruising down the road. Contrary to popular belief, the Honolulu Police Department DO throw you in jail for possession and for growing or distributing pot.

You don’t feel like you fit in on the mainland because you don’t like working – any job, you don’t like the whole environment. You want to get back to a slower place, the islands… Well, Hawaii is not Jamaica mon – and you’re probably going to get a big surprise as you land at Honolulu International Airport and smell the bus and car fumes from Nimitz Highway. Mexico might be a better place to move. Florida near the beaches… or even, literally Jamaica might be better for you. Hawaii is unforgiving… meaning, you gotta have cash or you’re going to be spending a lot of time with poor locals camping in the parks and along the beaches. It is very hard to adjust to that lifestyle, and very hard to make friends of the locals in that situation. You’d really be better off being homeless or destitute somewhere else.

You just got an unexpected payday. Meaning, you just got an insurance settlement, sold a business, sold a house, or something else and you’re looking for a way to spend it. I have said many times at this site that if you have $10,000 USD you could possibly make it in Hawaii – setup a rental apartment and start the job search. What I mean is, if you start saving now – and planning, in a few months when you have the money, you’ll have likely learned everything you have to – in preparation to move to Hawaii. If you just get a payday and you’re looking to spend it in an amazing way – moving to the islands – you haven’t done all the preparation. Don’t neglect to research a LOT about moving, and how life will be once you arrive. If you haven’t ever been to Hawaii – I wouldn’t suggest you move here. It’s too different from every other place you’ve probably ever been.

You have an incurable illness and you want to die in paradise. Hawaii can be a very lonely place. I have seen many lonely people, and talked to some. Most caucasians don’t realize they’ll be a minority in the islands, but more importantly – they don’t know what that feels like. It’s a weird feeling at first – for most of us. At 19 I was on Oahu and though I was surrounded by military, when I went off on my own, or in a small group – I realized – wow, I’m a minority. It was a bit of a shock, but I got over it easily. Some don’t. If you have an incurable illness and you think it’s best to pass in Hawaii – I’m not sure it is. You’ll have to make friends, and friends that really care if they’re going to be around you when you go. If you’re bed-ridden, you might die alone watching Hawaii 5-0 on the television set. How sad is that? I think better to stay where you are in the mainland, or wherever your family or whatever friends you have – are.

You want to start a business. You have a great idea, I mean AMAZING, and you know that Hawaii is the right place for it. I’m not so sure. Starting a business in Hawaii has got to be one of the riskiest things you could possibly do with your money. Hawaii is a different world when it comes to what people like. Do Filipinos like your product or service? Local Japanese? Hawaiians? Military? Visitors from across the globe? You’ll have to really spend some time researching in-depth, the marketplace in Hawaii for your business. I have seen all sorts of businesses start – and fail, very quickly in Hawaii. If it takes longer to fail- that’s even worse, because more money, time and effort goes out the window. If you’re going to start a business in Hawaii – make sure you spend months doing the hard research you’ll need to ensure success.

That’s what I came up with – can you come up with any more reasons not to move to Hawaii?