Surfer Catching Wave on Surfboard - Hawaii

This poor, poor man, has no idea what addiction problems he is setting himself up for. Catching some of your first waves is such an addictive experience! But, he is also adding the salt water air smell to it! He will need to move from Iowa to Hawaii within 18 months or be hopelessly depressed. I would be!
Colin on Surf Board – 4 by Colin Davis is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from originalThis is sort of a weird post, and why it just hit me – I have no idea. Well, I have some idea – as I just ate some pineapple and the smell was amazing.

Part of the Hawaii experience, is the mix of amazing smells that waft through the air. You know I just realized a couple smells I forgot – Kona coffee, and huli-huli chicken! One smell I remember strongly is the one of salt in the air during hard surf and a bit of wind. Next to the smell of my daughter’s breath as she sleeps, this is my favorite thing in the world to smell.

What are the 5 best smells in Hawaii?

  1. Ahi Poke with shoyu and pepper water from Kahuku Superette. I’m talking about when it’s fresh!
  2. White plumeria (frangipani) flowers blooming along the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki.
  3. Any of the forest trails after a hard rain.
  4. Korean BBQ! The smell is addicting… once you get it a couple times, your nose is always pulling you back to where you got it.
  5. The fresh, salty, humid air when the waves are big and the wind is strong. Makapu’u and Bellows AFS have some great air during a mildly windy 3 foot + day on Oahu.


What about you? What are your favorite Hawaii smells?